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    • Floer Simple Manifolds and L-Space Intervals 

      Rasmussen, Jacob Andrew; Rasmussen, Sarah Dean (Elsevier, 2017-12-15)
      An oriented three-manifold with torus boundary admits either no L-space Dehn filling, a unique L-space filling, or an interval of L-space fillings. In the latter case, which we call “Floer simple,” we construct an invariant ...
    • L-space intervals for graph manifolds and cables 

      Rasmussen, Sarah Dean (Cambridge University Press, 2017-05)
      We present a graph manifold analog of the Jankins–Neumann classification of Seifert fibered spaces over $S^2$ admitting taut foliations, providing a finite recursive formula to compute the L-space Dehn-filling interval for ...