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    • Alexandr Nasakaev, About religion 

      Seleeva, Tsagan; Okonov, Andzhur (2015-05-29)
      Alexandr says that in Kalmykia people practise both Buddhism and pre-Buddhist beliefs, including a belief in the eternal sky (tengrianstvo) and shamanism. People should accept religion consciously through their life ...
    • Alexandr Nasakaev, autobiography 

      Okonov, Andzhur; Seleeva, Tsagan (2015-05-25)
      Alexandr is of the Baga Tsoros clan. He was born in Kamyshovo village in Astrakhan’ oblast where he went to secondary school. After serving in the Red Army, he moved to Elista to work as a construction worker. He is aware ...
    • Alexandra Baldyanova, Galina Samtonova, Autobiographies 

      Churyumova, Elvira (2015-10-26)
      Alexandra is of the Mangad clan. She was born in 1931 in Kuteinikovskaya stanitsa. Alexandra and Galina tell of the exile of the Kalmyks in 1943 and their life in Siberia.
    • Alexandra Nastaeva and Pupils of Secondary School No 12: Games With Ankle Bones 

      Churyumova, Elvira; Terbish, Baasanjav (2015-04-25)
      At the beginning Alexandra explains the rules of each game in the video to the pupils. The game called ‘Shoot out’ is played by two teams, consisting of two to four players in each. Each player is given three ankle bones ...
    • Alexandra Nastaeva and Pupils of Secondary School No 12: Traditional Games 

      Churyumova, Elvira; Terbish, Baasanjav (2015-06-02)
      ‘Dugrul’ is a game played by boys of about the age of 10. The player hits a whirligig with a whip so that it whirls. In the past, this game was used as training for future wolf hunters who used whips. ‘Drag the rope’ is ...
    • Alexandra Nastaeva, Antonina Boskhandjieva, About Tsagan Sar 

      Churyumova, Elvira; Boskhomdzhiev, Mergen (2015-04-23)
      Two women, Alexandra and Antonina, talk about how Kalmyks, including their families, celebrate Tsagan Sar. Alexandra says that according to Kalmyk tradition, prior to Tsagan Sar people tidy up their houses and dust off ...
    • Alexandra Nastaeva, autobiography 

      Churyumova, Elvira (2015-05-15)
      Having spent her childhood in orphanages in Siberia, Alexandra does not know her exact date of birth or the name given her by her parents, although she has some recollections of her early childhood in Kalmykia with her ...
    • Alfred Tennyson and Frederick Goddard Tuckerman: An Omitted Page of Correspondence 

      Sullivan, Michael J. (Oxford University Press, 2017-01-20)
    • Algae as nutritional and functional food sources: revisiting our understanding. 

      Wells, Mark L; Potin, Philippe; Craigie, James S; Raven, John A; Merchant, Sabeeha S; Helliwell, Katherine Emma; Smith, Alison Gail et al. (Springer, 2017-01)
      Global demand for macroalgal and microalgal foods is growing, and algae are increasingly being consumed for functional benefits beyond the traditional considerations of nutrition and health. There is substantial evidence ...
    • The algal pyrenoid: key unanswered questions. 

      Meyer, Moritz T; Whittaker, Charles; Griffiths, Howard (2017-06)
      The confinement of Rubisco in a chloroplast microcompartment, or pyrenoid, is a distinctive feature of most microalgae, and contributes to perhaps ~30 Pg of carbon fixed each year, yet our understanding of pyrenoid ...
    • The Algal Revolution 

      Brodie, J; Chan, CX; De Clerck, O; Cock, JM; Coelho, SM; Gachon, C; Grossman, AR et al. (Elsevier, 2017-08-01)
      Algae are (mostly) photosynthetic eukaryotes that occupy multiple branches of the tree of life, and are vital for planet function and health. This review highlights a transformative period in studies of the evolution and ...
    • The Algal Revolution. 

      Brodie, Juliet; Chan, Cheong Xin; De Clerck, Olivier; Cock, J Mark; Coelho, Susana M; Gachon, Claire; Grossman, Arthur R et al. (2017-08)
    • The algebra of bounded linear operators on ℓp ⊕ ℓq has infinitely many closed ideals 

      Schlumprecht, T; Zsák, A
      We prove that in the reflexive range 1 < p < q < ∞, the algebra ℒ(ℓp⊕ℓq) of all bounded linear operators on ℓp⊕ℓq has infinitely many closed ideals. This solves a problem raised by A. Pietsch [Operator ideals, Math. Monogr. ...
    • Algebraic boundaries of Hilbert's SOS cones 

      Blekherman, Grigoriy; Hauenstein, Jonathan; Ottem, John Christian; Ranestad, Kristian; Sturmfels, Bernd (Cambridge University Press, 2012-10-15)
      We study the geometry underlying the difference between nonnegative polynomials and sums of squares. The hypersurfaces that discriminate these two cones for ternary sextics and quaternary quartics are shown to be ...
    • Algebraic foundations of ranking theory. 

      Wei, Teh-Hsing (1952)
    • Algebraic theory of graphs 

      Tutte, W. T. (1949)
    • The Algerian Works of Hélène Cixous: at the Triple Intersection of European, North African and Religious Nationalisms 

      Everett, Samuel Sami (Springer, 2017-06)
      The theme ‘Jewish conditions and theories of nationalism’, relating particularly to the twentieth century, can be connected to Hélène Cixous the thinker, through her childhood experiences in Algeria during the Second World ...
    • Alginate nanoparticles protect ferrous from oxidation: Potential iron delivery system 

      Katuwavila, NP; Perera, ADLC; Dahanayake, D; Karunaratne, V; Amaratunga, Gehan Anil; Karunaratne, DN (Elsevier, 2016-11-20)
      A novel, efficient delivery system for iron (Fe²⁺) was developed using the alginate biopolymer. Iron loaded alginate nanoparticles were synthesized by a controlled ionic gelation method and was characterized with respect ...
    • An algorithm for dynamic order-picking in warehouse operations 

      Lu, Wenrong; McFarlane, Duncan Campbell; Giannikas, Evangelos; Zhang, Quan (Elsevier, 2015-07-09)
      Warehousing has been traditionally viewed as a non value-adding activity but in recent years a number of new developments have meant that supply chain logistics have become critical to profitability. This paper focuses ...
    • Aliel: A mid-Holocene stone platform with cairn and single pillar in West Turkana, Kenya 

      Wilshaw, Alexis Onawa; Muwonge, H; Rivera, Frances; Mirazon Lahr, Marta Beatriz (Society of Africanist Archaeologists, 2017-04-01)