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    • Birth 'out-of-hours': an evaluation of obstetric practice and outcome according to the presence of senior obstetricians on the labour ward 

      Knight, Hannah E.; van der Meulen, Jan H.; Gurol-Urganci, Ipek; Smith, Gordon C.; Kiran, Amit; Thornton, Steve; Richmond, David et al. (PLOS, 2016)
      Background: Concerns have been raised that a lack of senior obstetricians (‘consultants’) on the labour ward outside normal hours may lead to worse outcomes among babies born during periods of reduced cover. Methods ...
    • The birth of embryonic pluripotency 

      Boroviak, Thorsten; Nichols, Jennifer (Royal Society Publishing, 2014-10-27)
      Formation of a eutherian mammal requires concurrent establishment of embryonic and extraembryonic lineages. The functions of the trophectoderm and primitive endoderm are to enable implantation in the maternal uterus, axis ...
    • Birth weight percentile and the risk of term perinatal death not due to congenital anomaly 

      Moraitis, Alexandros A.; Wood, Angela M.; Fleming, Michael; Smith, Gordon C.S. (2014-07-03)
      Objective: To estimate the association between birth weight percentile and the risk of perinatal death at term in relation to the cause of death. Methods: We performed a retrospective cohort study of all term singleton ...
    • A Bisharin warrior at Aswan 

      McLeish, Donald, 1879-1950, photographer (Royal Commonwealth Society Library. Cambridge University Library. University of Cambridge., 2004-11-05)
    • Bishop Robin's Indian Hostess, Peace River, 1913 

      Colonial and Continental Church Society (Royal Commonwealth Society Library. Cambridge University Library. University of Cambridge., 2004-11-05)
    • Bisti Byrkan Jaaigan, 'Burkhan Created Us' 

      Pegg, Carole (World Oral Literature Project, 2013-04)
      This jangar song, performed by female helpers (shabychi) at bi-annual Ak Jang rituals held in a secret open-air mountain temple above their natal village Kulady, praises Burkhan, the Creator. The project builds on Pegg's ...
    • The bitonic filter: linear filtering in an edge-preserving morphological framework. 

      Treece, Graham (University of Cambridge Department of Engineering, 2015-12-15)
      A new filter is presented which has better edge and detail preserving properties than a median, noise reduction capability very similar to a Gaussian, and is applicable to many signal and noise types. It is built on a ...
    • BitPhylogeny: A probabilistic framework for reconstructing intra-tumor phylogenies 

      Yuan, Ke; Sakoparnig, Thomas; Markowetz, Florian; Beerenwinkel, Niko (BioMed Central, 2015-02-13)
      Cancer has long been understood as a somatic evolutionary process, but many details of tumor progression remain elusive. Here, we present BitPhylogenyBitPhylogeny, a probabilistic framework to reconstruct intra-tumor ...
    • Bitter taste enhances predatory biases against aggregations of prey with warning coloration 

      Rowland, Hannah M.; Ruxton, Graeme D.; Skelhorn, John (Oxford University Press, 2013-03-20)
      Aposematic prey that possess chemical defenses advertise these to potential predators using conspicuous warning coloration. Aposematism is often associated with group living, which is hypothesized to enhance the protection ...
    • Bitumen films in tension. 

      Harvey, Judith Angela Felicia. (2000-10-24)
    • Bivariate spatial point patterns in the retina: a reproducible review 

      Eglen, Stephen J. (Societe Française de Statistique, 2016-04-08)
      In this article I present a reproducible review of recent research to investigate the spatial positioning of neurons in the nervous system. In particular, I focus on the relative spatial positioning of pairs of cell types ...
    • “Black and White” thinking: Visual contrast polarizes moral judgment 

      Zarkadi, Theodora; Schnall, Simone (2013)
    • A Black Hat Ritual Dance 

      Cantwell, Cathy (Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Gangtok, Sikkim, 1992)
    • Black Hole Kicks as New Gravitational Wave Observables 

      Gerosa, Davide; Moore, Christopher J. (American Physical Society, 2016-06-29)
      Generic black hole binaries radiate gravitational waves anisotropically, imparting a recoil, or kick, velocity to the merger remnant. If a component of the kick along the line of sight is present, gravitational waves emitted ...
    • Black hole mass estimates and emission line properties of a sample of redshift Z > 6:5 quasars 

      De Rosa, Gisella; Venemans, Bram P.; Decarli, Roberto; Gennaro, Mario; Simcoe, Robert A.; Dietrich, Matthias; Peterson, Bradley M. et al. (2014-07-09)
      We present the analysis of optical and near-infrared spectra of the only four z > 6.5 quasars known to date, discovered in the UKIDSS-LAS and VISTA-VIKING surveys. Our data-set consists of new VLT/X-Shooter and Magellan/FIRE ...
    • Black holes at accelerators. 

      Webber, Bryan R. (High Energy Physics, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, 2005-11)
      In theories with large extra dimensions and TeV-scale gravity, black holes are copiously produced in particle collisions at energies well above the Planck scale. I briefly review some recent work on the phenomenology of ...
    • Black swan from Cap de Diemen 

      Labillardiere (1800)
    • Black-striped Indian wild cat 

      Sonnerat, P (1782)
    • A blacksmith shoeing a horse 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-05)
      Alan Macfarlane watches a blacksmith in his forge with his tools and discusses the reasons for horse shoes and watches a horse being shod.
    • Blacksmiths 

      Sonnerat, P (1782)