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    • Automated Analysis and Validation of Chemical Literature 

      Townsend, Joseph A (2008-02)
      Methods to automatically extract and validate data from the chemical literature in legacy formats to machine-understandable forms are examined. The work focuses of three types of data: analytical data reported in articles, ...
    • Automated analysis and validation of open chemical data 

      Day, Nicholas E (2009-01-13)
      Methods to automatically extract Open Data from the chemical literature, validate it, and use it to validate theory are examined. Chemical identifiers which assist the automatic location of chemical structures using ...
    • Automatic analysis and validation of open polymer data 

      England, Nicholas William (2011-03-15)
      A system to automatically extract, analyse, validate and model polymer data has been produced. This system is called the Polymer Informatics Knowledge System (PIKS). Methods of storing polymer data electronically are ...
    • Automatic facial expression analysis 

      Baltrušaitis, Tadas (2014-04-08)
      Humans spend a large amount of their time interacting with computers of one type or another. However, computers are emotionally blind and indifferent to the affective states of their users. Human-computer interaction which ...
    • Automatic induction of verb classes using clustering 

      Sun, Lin (2013-04-30)
      Verb classifications have attracted a great deal of interest in both linguistics and natural language processing (NLP). They have proved useful for important tasks and applications, including e.g. computational lexicography, ...
    • Automatic model construction with Gaussian processes 

      Duvenaud, David (2014-11-11)
      This thesis develops a method for automatically constructing, visualizing and describing a large class of models, useful for forecasting and finding structure in domains such as time series, geological formations, and ...
    • Automatic recognition of ancient Syriac handwriting. 

      Fernando, Pathirajaliyanage Prem Jayalath. (2005-01-18)
    • Automorphisms of free products of groups 

      Griffin, James Thomas (2013-02-05)
      The symmetric automorphism group of a free product is a group rich in algebraic structure and with strong links to geometric configuration spaces. In this thesis I describe in detail and for the first time the (co)homology ...
    • Autonomous Pseudomonoids 

      Lopez Franco, Ignacio (2009-04-25)
      In this dissertation we generalise the basic theory of Hopf algebras to the context of autonomous pseudomonoids in monoidal bicategories. ...
    • The axial behaviour of piled foundations in liquefiable soil 

      Stringer, Mark (2012-07-03)
      Understanding the mechanisms by which any engineering structure resists load is an essential requirement for its consistent and reliable design. The axial resistance which can be mobilised by piled foundations in liquefiable ...
    • Axial compressor stability enhancement 

      Houghton, Timothy Oliver. (2010-06-08)
      Aircraft jet engines must operate in a stable manner at all times. One source of instability is compressor stall. Stall problems can be reduced by machining cavities into the compressor casing adjacent to the rotor blades. ...
    • Axial compressor stall. 

      Day, Ivor John. (1976-10-26)
      This dissertation describes the experimental investigation of rotating stall in compressors of high hub-tip ratio. Measurements were obtained in builds of one to four stages, covering a wide range of design flow rates and ...
    • Ballads, blues, and alterity 

      Cole, Ross (2015-10-06)
      Focusing on interactions between Britain and the US in the field of popular song, this thesis explores the constitutive relationship between discourse, performance, and identity via critical and postcolonial theory. I ...
    • Bases of primitive permutation groups 

      Fawcett, Joanna Bethia (2013-10-08)
    • Bayesian methods for gravitational waves and neural networks 

      Graff, Philip B. (2012-10-09)
      Einstein’s general theory of relativity has withstood 100 years of testing and will soon be facing one of its toughest challenges. In a few years we expect to be entering the era of the first direct observations of ...
    • Bayesian methods in music modelling 

      Peeling, Paul (2011-03-15)
      This thesis presents several hierarchical generative Bayesian models of musical signals designed to improve the accuracy of existing multiple pitch detection systems and other musical signal processing applications whilst ...
    • Bayesian source inversion of microseismic events 

      Pugh, David James (2016-01-05)
      Rapid stress release at the source of an earthquake produces seismic waves. Observations of the particle motions from such waves are used in source inversion to characterise the dynamic behaviour of the source and to help ...