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    • The art of glass blowing 

      Dugan, David; Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-23)
      Alan Macfarlane talks to Tony Cummins, one of the last traditional glass blowers, as he demonstrates his art and the making of a flat glass object in an old glass house near Birmingham.
    • Audio prompts and demonstration video for the activity classification study 

      Van Hees, Vincent (2014-07-02)
      Audio Prompts and Protocol Instruction video for the Physical Activity Annotation Study as referenced in Van Hees V. et. al. "Impact of study design on development and evaluation of an activity-type, classifier". Journal ...
    • Autoignition of a H2 jet in hot air flow 

      Markides, Christos N; Mastorakos, Epaminondas (2009-05-21)
      The movie (taken with a conventional video camera at 30fps) shows the various operation modes of the Cambridge Autoignition experiment, described in: C.N. Markides, E. Mastorakos, An experimental study of hydrogen ...
    • Autoignition of droplets in hot air flow 

      Gordon, Robert; Mastorakos, Epaminondas (2010-09-09)
      A single-droplet generator has been used to inject fuel droplets of various sizes and chemical composition into a hot turbulent air flow. The ensuing autoignition and flame behaviour has been recorded with a fast camera. ...
    • The automation of wood-cutting 

      Dugan, David (2004-08-17)
      Simon Schaffer explores the development of specific wood-cutting engines, run by steam. These allowed precision cutting and the mass production of standardised blocks. Prior to this development, wood-cutting was done with ...
    • Baatr Mandzhiev, About Ur Sar 

      Churyumova, Elvira (2015-05-23)
      Ur Sar is celebrated when spring ends and summer begins. The celebration includes singing, dancing and various competitions, such as wrestling, horse racing, and catching horses with a pole. Ur Sar is also celebrated at ...
    • Baatr Mandzhiev, autobiography 

      Churyumova, Elvira (2015-05-11)
      Baatr is from the arvn of Baga Bat of the Iki-Bukhus clan of Malyi Derbet. He has lived in the village of Iki-Bukhus all his life. He recounts his genealogy and tells of the origin of his surname Mandzhiev.
    • Badma Narmaev, A Legend About the Bogdo Uul Mountain 

      Churyumova, Elvira; Churyumov, Anton (2016-09-28)
      Bogdo Uul is situated near lake Baskunchak in Akhtubinsky rayon of Astrakhan’ oblast. There are several versions of the legend about the mountain. A version that Badma recounts is what he heard from the Kalmyk writer Sandzhi ...
    • Badma Narmaev, About Buddhism 

      Churyumov, Anton (2016-09-26)
      Badma believes that Buddhism has a global future and appeal. He says that Buddhism is spreading quickly in the West for several reasons. People like the moral aspects of this religion. Modern educated people are also ...
    • Badma Narmaev, About the Heroic Epos Geser 

      Churyumova, Elvira; Churyumov, Anton (2016-09-24)
      Badma studies a Tibetan version of the epos Geser which is stored at the Russian National Library in St Petersburg. One of the oldest versions of this epos, the Tibetan version, is little studied and requires further ...
    • Badma Narmaev, autobiography 

      Churyumova, Elvira; Churyumov, Anton (2016-10-14)
      Badma was born in 1948 in Frunze (today Bishkek), Kyrgyz SSR. He has an older sister, Galina. They had loving parents – a Kalmyk father and a Russian mother. Badma recalls that in his childhood all of his neighbours got ...
    • Badma Ochirova, About Funeral 

      Kornyakova, Saglara; Shipeeva, Danara (2016-02-19)
      When a person dies it is required that a special ritual of remembrance be performed once a year. Fat, butter or margarine is thrown into fire. It is believed that the smell of these substances remains inside the nose of ...
    • Badma Ochirova, About Hunting with Dogs 

      Kornyakova, Saglara; Shipeeva, Danara (2016-02-19)
      Badma says that her father hunted foxes. He had two dogs, called Nast and Shityach. Badma’s uncle on her paternal side also hunted foxes. Her father and her uncle grazed their cattle on horses or camels and would take the ...
    • Badma Ochirova, About the Healing Properties of Hare's Fat 

      Kornyakova, Saglara; Shipeeva, Danara (2016-02-19)
      Badma says that when her family lived in Siberia her grandmother collected hare’s fat. It is good for both burns and frostbite. In Siberia people also drank hare’s fat and that of the ground squirrel. Since it is very cold ...
    • Badma Tazaev, About Exile 

      Menkenova, Kermen; Churyumov, Anton (2015-09-25)
      Badma says that the 13 years of exile (from 1943 to 1957) that the Kalmyks had to endure were extremely difficult. He mentions a view voiced by the religious leader of the Torghuts in Xingjiang, Shalvan Gegyan. When the ...
    • Bairta Ad'yanova, Bairta Bal'dzhirova, Bortsg, Kalmyk Dumplings and Tea 

      Churyumov, Anton (2016-08-16)
      This video features recipes for biscuits (bortsg), dumplings, and Kalmyk tea. Biscuits (bortsg): This recipe is modern. Ingredients include 400 grams of cream, 4 spoons of sugar, a spoon of salt, and an egg. All the ...
    • Bairta Alyaeva 

      Churyumov, Anton; Boskhomdzhiev, Mergen (2015-06-17)
      Bairta is of the Gangra clan. She is retired, has four children, and three grandchildren. Born in 1923, her father participated in WWII. After the war, Bairta’s parents married in Siberia where they brought up six children. ...
    • Ballooning over Bagan 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2015-01-05)
    • Bamboo craftsman 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-29)
      Bamboo is an almost infinitely malleable substance. A highly skilled craftsman shows the way in which it can be split, sub-split and then worked into many kinds of object.
    • Bang smad Tibetan Village Summer Picnic 

      Bkra shis bzang po (World Oral Literature Project, 2013-02)
      This video contains footage of the summer picnic in Bang smad Village in July 2011. It includes footage of games, songs, dances, and the village environment. This collection contains a single video file depicting a summer ...