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    • Interview with Philip Gulliver 

      Gulliver, Philip (2004-06-29)
      His life and work in anthropology, first in Africa (East) and later in Ireland. the influence of various major figures including Fith, Nadel, Leach and Audrey Richards.
    • Interview with Philip Mayer 

      Mayer, Philip; Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-11)
      Philip Mayer describes his training as an anthropologist, his work in Africa and contacts with various anthropologists, including Radcliffe-Brown.
    • Interview with Professor Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2003-12-17)
      Professor Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf was one of the grandfathers of Himalayan anthropology. Alan Macfarlane, one of his last PhD students at the School of Oriental and African Studies and now himself Professor of ...
    • Interview with Professor Lucy Mair 

      Macfarlane, Alan; La Fontaine, Jean; Harrison, Sarah (2003-12-17)
      Interviewed by Professor Jean La Fontaine and Dr. Alan Macfarlane, 30 July 1983 in her home in London, and filmed by Sarah Harrison. [Originally filmed on Low-Band U-matic, transferred to Hi-8, and then to mini-DV tape, ...
    • Interview with Raymond Apthorpe 

      Apthorpe, Raymond (2004-08-05)
      Interview with Raymond Apthorpe on his early life and training in Social Anthropology.
    • Interview with Robert Paine 

      Paine, Robert; Vitebsky, Piers; Jacobs, Julian (2004-08-23)
      Robert Paine reviews his life as an anthropologist - his training and fieldwork with the Saami nomands of Norway in the 1950's; the inception of the Anthropology Department at Bergen and his later move to St John's ...
    • An interview with Rodney Needham 

      Needham, Rodney (2007-08-15)
      An interview with the anthropologist Rodney Needham
    • Interview with Ronald Frankenberg 

      Frankenberg, Ronald (2004-06-29)
      An interview with Ronald Frankenberg about his training in anthropology, contacts with other anthropologists such as Gluckman, and fieldwork in a Welsh border village.
    • Interview with Rosemary Firth 

      Firth, Rosemary (2004-06-29)
      An interview with Rosemary Firth about her arrival in anthropology and fieldwork in Malaya with Raymond Firth. The position of a woman anthropologist
    • Interview with Sidney Mintz 

      Mintz, Sidney (2007-06-21)
      Interview with Sidney Mintz on his life and work
    • An interview with Simon Blackburn 

      Blackburn, Simon (2010)
      An interview with the philosopher Simon Blackburn about his life and work
    • Interview with Stephen Hugh-Jones Part 1 

      Hugh-Jones, Stephen (2007-05-04)
      Interview with Stephen Hugh-Jones
    • Interview with Terry Turner 

      Turner, Terry (2005-01-06)
      An interview on the life and work of Terry Turner.
    • Interview with Tony Wrigley 

      Wrigley, Tony (2007-08-22)
      Interview with the geographer and historical demography Sir Anthony Wrigley about his life and work
    • Interview with Ursula Graham Bower 

      Graham Bower, Ursula (2004-11-11)
      An interview with Ursula Graham Bower about her life and work, in particular among the Zemi Nagas and Apa Tanis and other groups in Assam
    • Interview with Wendy James 

      James, Wendy (2009-05-15)
      An interview with the anthropologist Wendy James about her life and work.
    • Interview: How can researchers preserve, share, and re-use sensitive data? 

      Corti, Louise (The Incremental project, Cambridge University Library, 2011-01-19)
      In this short interview, Dr. Louise Corti gives tips on what researchers working with sensitive data can do at the start of a project to make it easier to preserve, share, and re-use their data later on.
    • Interview: How does the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) apply to research data? 

      Rusbridge, Chris (The Incremental project (Cambridge University Library), 2011-02-16)
      In this short interview, Chris Rusbridge answers questions about how the Freedom of Information Act and Environmental Information Requests apply to research data.
    • Interview: Intellectual property rights (IPR) tips and pitfalls for creating and using research materials 

      Charlesworth, Andrew (The Incremental project (Cambridge University Library), 2011-02-02)
      In this short interview, Andrew Charlesworth gives advice on intellectual property rights for researchers who may want to re-use or share their own data, or research materials created by someone else in their own research.
    • Interview: Lessons from managing a research archive project including sensitive personal data 

      Bishop, Libby (The Incremental project (Cambridge University Library), 2011-01-19)
      In this short inerview, Dr. Libby Bishop provides lessons learnt from her experience as Senior Research Archivist for Timescapes, a longitudinal research project with a considerable volume of sensitive personal data.