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    • Ko’ sde sngags mo 

      Dhondup, Yangdon (World Oral Literature Project, 2010-10-02)
      This collection includes ten video files focusing on ritual practices and prayer services of some communities belonging to the Reb kong sngags mang, the community of tantric practitioners from Reb kong. They were recorded ...
    • Kunguiya and Kilua 

      Merolla, Daniela (Verba Africana, 2004-08-07)
      The Verba Africana series publishes video recording of African verbal arts on CDRom's, DVD’s and the Internet. This series responds to the increasing need for new electronic tools that integrate the written and audio-visual ...
    • Kyaso 

      Merolla, Daniela (Verba Africana, 2003-08)
      The Verba Africana series publishes video recording of African verbal arts on CDRom's, DVD’s and the Internet. This series responds to the increasing need for new electronic tools that integrate the written and audio-visual ...
    • Lab Rste Ritual 

      Kha Bum (2010)
      This project was implemented to preserve Tibetan folk culture activities that are rapidly vanishing. We thank individuals and organizations who supported us. We also extend sincere appreciation to the United States Embassy ...
    • Lacquer work 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-30)
      A short sequence of part of the final decoration of a lacquer object. The technique of applying gold dust to the black surface is extremely delicate, but suddenly Mount Fuji appears before our eyes.
    • Large Eddy Simulations of extinction 

      Ayache, S.; Garmory, A.; Tyliszczak, A.; Mastorakos, E. (2012-08-29)
    • Launch of 'Letters to Lily' in Slovenia, November 2007 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2007-11-23)
      Films of talks and interviews connected to the Slovenian translation of 'Letters to Lily' by Alan Macfarlane during a visit between 14th and 16th November 2007. Published by Studenstska zalozba in Ljubljana.
    • Learning about the World 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-29)
      Against the backdrop of a Gurung village in which he has worked for many years, Alan Macfarlane describes why he came to work as an anthropologist in the Himalayas and some of the things which he has learnt.
    • Lecsture on ‘Sir J.G.Frazer: Science and Sensibility’ 

      Lienhardt, Godfrey (2004-01-22)
      The Frazer Lecture on the legacy of J.G.Frazer, which Godfrey Lienhardt suggests is greater in the field of literature (through its influence on people like T.S.Elliot in the ‘Waste Land’ than on the science of anthropology.
    • Lecture and discussion on divination 

      Fortes, Meyer (2004-07-05)
      Meyer Fortes gives a lecture on Tallensi divination before a selected audience of graduates and under-graduates in Cambridge. He discusses general theories of divination and is questioned by the audience.
    • Lecture and Interview of Dan Raninowitz 

      Rabinowitz, Dan (2007-01-05)
      A lecture by Dan Rabinowitz on 'The Right tio Refuse: Abject Theory and the Return of Palestinian Refugees', and an interview
    • Lecture by Maurice Bloch on 'Pretend Worlds' 

      Bloch, Maurice (2008-09-16)
      A lecture in Cambridge on May 29th 2008 on 'Pretend Play'by the anthropologist Maurice Bloch
    • Lecture by Michael Herzfeld 

      Herzfeld, Michael (2005-04-01)
      A lecture by Professor Michael Herzfeld on 'Eviction and Evocation: The West at Home and Abroad - Ethnographic Reflections from Thailand and Southern Europe'. This was organized by the Cambridge University Social Anthropology ...
    • Lecture by Professor Hugh Brody for the World Oral Literature Project Occasional Lecture Series 

      Brody, Hugh (World Oral Literature Project, 2010-03-16)
      In 1996, a small group of Bushmen, known as the ≠Khomani San, launched a claim to South Africa's second most important National Park. This was one of the first such land claims in Africa, and led to research, negotiation ...
    • A lecture on 'Loving and Forgetting; a farewell to ancestors' by Piers Vitebsky 

      Vitebsky, Piers (2008-06-23)
      A lecture by Piers Vitebsky, a version given at Cambridge in May 2007, the Henry Myers Lecture.
    • Lecture on Dysentery 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2007)
      Part of a lecture, on dysentery, its causes and consequences
    • Lecture on fieldwork in the Soviet Union, 1988-9 

      Gellner, Ernest (2004-01-11)
      Public lecture given in October 1989 by Professor Ernest Gellner. He reflected on his year spent in the Soviet Union on the eve of the collapse of communism.
    • Lecture on Malaria 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2007)
      A talk about malaria, its causes and consequences
    • Lecture on the use of personal records for history and anthropology 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2005-01-20)
      A lecture given to the Joint course in research training for Master of Philosophy students in Cambridge, with backgrounds in history, anthropology, sociology, law, geography, criminology. It describes in an autobiographical ...
    • Lectures on Political and Economic Anthropology 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2006-02-20)
      Eight lectures for first year Cambridge University students in February 2006. Introducing some of the major approaches to the anthropology of politics and economics.