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    • Interview of Jonathan Benthall 

      Benthall, Jonathan (2006-01-13)
      Interview of Jonathan Benthall on his life and work, in particular as Director of the Royal Anthropological Institute
    • Interview of Jonathan Parry 

      Parry, Jonathan (2009-06-11)
      An interview on the life and work of the anthropologist Jonathan Parry
    • Interview of Julian Hunt 

      Hunt, Julian (2009)
      An Interview with Lord Julian Hunt about his life and work
    • Interview of Karl Heider 

      Heider, Karl (2007-08-03)
      Interview of Karl Heider, American anthropologist
    • Interview of Keith Hart, part two 

      Hart, Keith (2009-05-05)
      Second part of the interview on the life and work of Keith Hart
    • Interview of Keith Thomas 

      Thomas, Keith (2010)
      Interview of Sir Keith Thomas - on his life and work
    • Interview of Keith van Rijsbergen 

      Rijsbergen, Keith van (2010)
      An interview about the life and work of Professor Keith van Rijsbergen, computer scientist.
    • Interview of Ken Edwards 

      Edwards, Ken (2009-06-19)
      An interview on the life and work on the scientist and administratory Ken Edwards, sometime Secretary General at Cambridge and Vice-Chancellor of Leicester University.
    • Interview of Laura Appell 

      Appell, Laura (2004-11-30)
      Interview of Laura Appell about her life and work among the Rungus of Borneo
    • Interview of Laurence Picken on 3rd and 4th August 1983 

      Picken, Laurence (2004-06-10)
      Laurence Picken describes his move from zoology into ethno-musicology, partly under the influence of Joseph Needham. With recordings and instruments he describes early Chinese and Turkish music.
    • Interview of Les Hiatt 

      Hiatt, Les (2005-08-24)
      Interview with Les Hiatt about his training and work as an anthropologist among the Australian aborigines
    • Interview of Liang Bibo 

      Liang, Bibo (2009-02-17)
      An interview with the film-maker LIANG Bibo in 2008
    • Interview of Lilie NIE 

      Nie, Lilie (2009-04-30)
      Interview of Lilie NIE, a visiting scholar from Tokyo about her life and work in China and Japan.
    • Interview of Lisa Jardine 

      Jardine, Lisa (2009-02-17)
      An interview with the historian and public intellectual, Lisa Jardine
    • Interview of Lord Richard Wilson 

      Wilson, Richard (2009)
      An interview of the previous Cabinet Secretary and current Master of Emmanuel College, Lord Richard Wilson
    • Interview of Malcolm Ruel, film and text 

      Ruel, Malcolm (2004-11-04)
      Interview on the education, life, work in Africa, teaching in Edinburgh and Cambridge, of Malcolm Ruel
    • Interview of Marilyn Strathern 

      Strathern, Marilyn (2010)
      An interview on the life and work of the anthropologist Professor Marilyn Strathern
    • Interview of Mark Elvin 

      Elvin, Mark (2012)
    • Interview of Martin Rees 

      Rees, Martin (2007-12-13)
      Interview of Lord Martin Rees the cosmologist and Master of Trinity College, Cambridge about his life and work
    • Interview of Mary Douglas 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2006-03-07)
      An interview of Mary Douglas the anthropologist in which she talks about her life and work in Africa and elsewhere.