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Literary and Linguistic Computing Centre (LLCC)

The Literary and Linguistic Computing Centre (LLCC) is a small group within Cambridge University Computing Service which provides specialist support for computing in the Arts and Humanities departments.

It was originally set up in 1964 within the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages to provide computing advice and a data preparation service for humanities scholars and research students; it became part of the Computing Service in 1989.

The variety of work done at the LLCC is enormous. Linguists and historians have so far been the most frequent users, but there have been lawyers, economists, musicians, philosophers, theologians, archaeologists and anthropologists. Over the years many texts and databases have been prepared and stored, and it is those that form the basis of this Dspace archive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Many of the datasets are incomplete; some have not been fully proofread and corrected; in some the vicissitudes of inter-computer and inter-archive transfer over the years have resulted in the loss of some information. The datasets are therefore not of guaranteed quality or accuracy, and you use them entirely at your own risk.

We have (where possible and where known) supplied sources and provenances for the material. You are welcome to contact the LLCC if you think we might be able to provide more information.

A few of the datasets are not available for public use without prior permission, owing to copyright considerations; these are stored in the Private area of the LLCC Dspace. Please contact the LLCC if you need to use them.

2014 UPDATE. The LLCC has been replaced by the University Computer Service's 'Literary & Language Support'. Their web page has contact information.


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