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  • All-Optical Control of the Silicon-Vacancy Spin in Diamond at Millikelvin Temperatures. 

    Becker, Jonas N; Pingault, Benjamin Jean-Pierre; Groß, David; Gündoğan, Mustafa; Kukharchyk, Nadezhda; Markham, Matthew; Edmonds, Andrew et al. (American Physical Society, 2018-02-02)
    The silicon-vacancy center in diamond offers attractive opportunities in quantum photonics due to its favorable optical properties and optically addressable electronic spin. Here, we combine both to achieve all-optical ...
  • From the artificial atom to the Kondo-Anderson model: Orientation-dependent magnetophotoluminescence of charged excitons in InAs quantum dots 

    Van, Hattem Barbara; Corfdir, Pierre; Brereton, Peter; Pearce, Phoebe; Graham, Alexandra; Stanley, Megan; Hugues, Maxime et al. (American Physical Society, 2013-05)
    We present a magnetophotoluminescence study on neutral and charged excitons confined to InAs/GaAs quantum dots. Our investigation relies on a confocal microscope that allows arbitrary tuning of the angle between the applied ...
  • Temperature-Dependence of Exciton Radiative Recombination in (Al,Ga)N/GaN Quantum Wells Grown on a-Plane GaN Substrates 

    Corfdir, Pierre; Dussaigne, Amélie; Teisseyre, Henryk; Suski, Tadeusz; Grzegory, Izabella; Lefebvre, Pierre; Giraud, Etienne et al. (The Japan Society of Applied Physics, 2013-05)
    This article presents the dynamics of excitons in a-plane (Al,Ga)N/GaN single quantum wells of various thicknesses grown on bulk GaN substrates. For all quantum well samples, recombination is observed to be predominantly ...
  • Exciton localization mechanisms in wurtzite/zinc-blende GaAs nanowires 

    Graham, Alexandra; Corfdir, Pierre; Heiss, Martin; Conesa-Boj, Sonia; Uccelli, Emanuele; Fontcuberta, i Morral Anna; Phillips, Richard Thomas (American Physical Society, 2013-03)
    We investigate the emission properties of excitons in GaAs nanowires containing quantum disks formed by structural alternation between the zinc-blende and wurtzite phases, by means of temperature-dependent photoluminescence. ...

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