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  • The role of brown algal cell walls in morphogenesis and development 

    Linardic, Marina (2018-10-20)
    Morphogenesis in walled organisms represents a highly controlled process by which the variability of shapes arises through changes in the structure and mechanics of the cell wall. Despite taking different evolutionary ...
  • Small RNA and genome interactions in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii recombinants 

    Hessenberger, Daisy (2015-07-18)
    When conspecific individuals are crossed, the ensuing hybridization creates a spectrum of phenotypes in the resulting offspring. Many of hybrid traits will be additive, similar to the parental phenotypes. In some cases ...
  • Small RNAs in Tomato: from defence to development 

    Canto Pastor, Alex (2018-03-24)
    RNA silencing is a major regulator of gene expression in plants, controlling from development to transposable element silencing and stress responses. As part of the silencing machinery, micro (mi)RNAs orchestrate silencing ...
  • Frameworks for reprogramming early diverging land plants 

    Pollak Williamson, Bernardo (2018-02-06)
    Plant form is a product of emergent processes of cell division, patterning and morphogenesis. These fundamental processes remain poorly characterised in plants. However, engineering approaches can provide new tools and ...

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