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IJRD features further peer-reviewed papers looking at Roberts-funded initiatives

Recent Submissions

  • Examining research productivity of Chinese TEFL academics across departments and institutes 

    Bai, Li; Hudson, Peter (University of Cambridge, 2010)
    This study aims to benchmark Chinese TEFL academics’ research productivities, as a way to identify and, subsequently, address research productivity issues. This study investigated 182 Chinese TEFL academics’ research outputs ...
  • Finding and Managing Information: Generic Information Literacy and Management Skills for Postgraduate Researchers 

    Heading, David; Siminson, Nicola; Purcell, Christine; Pears, Richard (University of Cambridge, 2010)
    A gap in the linking of information literacy skills and bibliographic software usage was identified in the postgraduate researcher cohort. While the provision was available, many researchers were not integrating the finding ...
  • Editorial 

    Dear, Denise V (University of Cambridge, 2010)
    Welcome to the third issue of our journal . We are delighted to feature in this issue two peer-reviewed papers looking in detail at some of the outcomes of the ring-fenced money used for researcher development in the UK ...
  • The Self in Research and Other Matters: A Study of Doctoral Students' Conceptions 

    Pitcher, Rod (University of Cambridge, 2010)
    This study uses metaphor analysis to examine doctoral students’ conceptions obtained from their responses to an on-line survey. The conceptions examined were the conception of self in research, the conception of the PhD, ...

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