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This collection contains materials posted by Fellows of Trinity College acting in a private capacity.

Recent Submissions

  • Francis Bacon and the 'Interpretation of Nature' in the Late Renaissance 

    Serjeantson, Richard (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014-12-01)
    The “interpretation of nature” (interpretatio naturae) is the leading idea in Francis Bacon’s natural philosophy. But by contrast with his ideas about method, induction, or experiment, the significance of the “interpretation ...
  • Consciousness and the Physical World 

    Josephson, Brian D; Ramachandran, Vilayanur S (Pergamon Press, 1978-01)
    Edited proceedings of an interdisciplinary symposium on consciousness held at the University of Cambridge in January 1978, including a foreword by Freeman J. Dyson. Chapter authors: G. Vesey, R.L. Gregory, H.C. Longuet-Higgins, ...