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      20th Annual Membership Meeting April 10, 1987, Boston Sheraton, Boston, Massachusetts [1]
      21st Annual Membership Meeting of the Tibet Society, Inc. March 26, 1988, San Francisco Hilton & Tower, San Francisco, California [1]
      A Bibliography of Ladakh by John Bray [1]
      A Buddhist Paradise: The Murals of Alchi Western Himalayas by P. Pal and Lionel Fournier [1]
      A Cultural History of Tibet by D. Snellgrove & H.E. Richardson [1]
      A Lamp for the Path and Commentary of Atisa by R. Sherburne [1]
      A Thousand Journeys: The Biography of Lama Anagarika Govinda by K. Winkler [1]
      Annual Membership Meeting of the Tibet Society March 22, 1986 [1]
      Art of Tibet. A Catalogue of the Los Angles County Museum of Art Collection by P. Pal [1]
      Bibliography of Tibetan Studies by H.K. Kuloy and Y. Imaeda [1]
      Book reviews [7]
      Buddhist Wall-Paintings of Ladakh by C. Genoud and Takao Inoue [1]
      Chinese Studies on Tibetan Culture by J. Kolmas, ed. [1]
      Christopher I. Beckwith, ed. [5]
      Contributions on Tibetan Language, History and Culture. Proceeding of the Csoma de Koros Symposium Held at Velm-Vienna, 13-19 September 1981 by E. Steinkellner and H. Tauscher, eds [1]
      Elliot Sperling, ed [4]
      Gesellschaft, Wirtschaft und materielle Kultur in Zanskar (Ladakh) by W. Friedl [1]
      Grundlagen tibetischer Siegelkunde, eine Untersuchung uber tibetische Siegelsaufschriften in 'Phags-pa Schrift by D. Schuh [1]
      Himalayan Kingdoms by Windisch-Graetz, Stephanie [1]
      Jung's Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism, Western and Eastern Paths to the Heart by R. Moacanin [1]