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    • Generalized-KFCS: Motion estimation enhanced Kalman filtered compressive sensing for video 

      Ding, Xin; Chen, Wei; Wassell, Ian James (IEEE, IEEE, 2015-10-30)
    • A Generic Synthesisable Test Bench 

      Naylor, Matthew; Moore, Simon (IEEE, 2015-08-13)
      Writing test benches is one of the most frequently-performed tasks in the hardware development process. The ability to reuse common test bench features is therefore key to productivity. In this paper, we present a generic ...
    • Google DeepMind and healthcare in an age of algorithms 

      Powles, Julia Elizabeth; Hodson, H
      Data-driven tools and techniques, particularly machine learning methods that underpin artificial intelligence, offer promise in improving healthcare systems and services. One of the companies aspiring to pioneer these ...
    • Grammatical error correction using hybrid systems and type filtering 

      Felice, M; Yuan, Z; Andersen, ØE; Yannakoudakis, H; Kochmar, Ekaterina (ACL, Association for Computational Linguistics, 2014)
      This paper describes our submission to the CoNLL 2014 shared task on grammatical error correction using a hybrid approach, which includes both a rule-based and an SMT system augmented by a large webbased language model. ...
    • Graph Isomorphism Parameterized by Elimination Distance to Bounded Degree 

      Bulian, Jannis; Dawar, Anuj (2015-08-04)
      © 2015, The Author(s).A commonly studied means of parameterizing graph problems is the deletion distance from triviality (Guo et al., Parameterized and exact computation, Springer, Berlin, pp. 162–173, 2004), which counts ...
    • Graph Prefetching Using Data Structure Knowledge 

      Ainsworth, Sam; Jones, Timothy Martin (2016-06-01)
    • Graph- and surface-level sentence chunking 

      Muszynska, Ewa (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2016-08-12)
      The computing cost of many NLP tasks increases faster than linearly with the length of the representation of a sentence. For parsing the representation is tokens, while for operations on syntax and semantics it will be ...
    • Group colocation behavior in technological social networks 

      Brown, C; Lathia, Neal Kiritkumar; Mascolo, Cecilia; Noulas, A; Blondel, V (2014-08-22)
    • Hammering towards QED 

      Blanchette, Jasmin C; Kaliszyk, Cezary; Paulson, Lawrence Charles; Urban, Josef (Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, 2016-02-03)
    • HCI as an Inter-Discipline 

      Blackwell, Alan Frank (ACM, 2015-04-18)
    • HELIX-RC: An Architecture-Compiler Co-Design for Automatic Parallelization of Irregular Programs 

      Campanoni, Simone; Brownell, Kevin; Kanev, Svilen; Jones, Timothy M.; Wei, Gu-Yeon; Brooks, David (IEEE/ACM, 2014-06)
      Data dependences in sequential programs limit parallelization because extracted threads cannot run independently. Although thread-level speculation can avoid the need for precise dependence analysis, communication ...
    • The Higher-Order Prover Leo-II 

      Benzmüller, Christoph; Sultana, Nikolai; Paulson, Lawrence Charles; Theiß, Frank (2015-09-22)
    • HOO 2012 Error Recognition and Correction Shared Task: Cambridge University Submission Report 

      Kochmar, Ekaterina; Andersen, Oeistein Edvin; Briscoe, Edward John (Association for Computational Linguistics, Association for Computational Linguistics, 2012-06-01)
      Previous work on automated error recognition and correction of texts written by learners of English as a Second Language has demonstrated experimentally that training classifiers on error-annotated ESL text generally ...
    • HyPaFilter: A Versatile Hybrid FPGA Packet Filter 

      Fiessler, Andreas; Hager, Sven; Scheuermann, Björn; Moore, Andrew William (Association for Computing Machinery, 2016-03-17)
    • Identifying Problem Statements in Scientific Text 

      Heffernan, Kevin; Teufel, S (University of Potsdam, 2016-09-13)
      In this work, we focus on the automatic identification of fine-grained problem-solution structure in scientific argumentation. We operationalise the task of finding problem formulations within scientific text in a supervised ...
    • The Impact of Geographic Distance on Online Social Interactions 

      Laniado, D; Volkovich, Y; Scellato, S; Mascolo, Cecilia; Kaltenbrunner, A
      Online social networking services entice millions of users to spend hours every day interacting with each other. The focus of this work is to explain the effect that geographic distance has on online social interactions ...
    • The Impact of Heterogeneity and Awareness in Modeling Epidemic Spreading on Multiplex Networks. 

      Scatà, M; Di, Stefano A; Liò, Pietro; La, Corte A (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-11-16)
      In the real world, dynamic processes involving human beings are not disjoint. To capture the real complexity of such dynamics, we propose a novel model of the coevolution of epidemic and awareness spreading processes on a ...
    • Improving argument overlap for proposition-based summarisation 

      Fang, Y; Teufel, S (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2016-01-01)
      We present improvements to our incremental proposition-based summariser, which is inspired by Kintsch and van Dijk's (1978) text comprehension model. Argument overlap is a central concept in this summariser. Our new model ...
    • Incentivising software updates 

      Thomas, Daniel Robert; Beresford, Alastair Richard (Internet Architecture Board, Internet Architecture Board, 2016-06-13)
      Internet of Things devices will need software updates to fix the security vulnerabilities that are found after they are sold. Even when using development practices that make producing updates easy, there is still a cost ...
    • Information Flow Audit for PaaS clouds 

      Pasquier, Thomas FJ-M; Singh, Jatinder; Bacon, Jean Margaret; Eyers, David (2016-06-02)