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    • Palimpsest: A layered language for exploratory image processing 

      Blackwell, Alan Frank (Elsevier, 2014-08-09)
      Palimpsest is a novel purely-visual language intended to support exploratory live programming. It demonstrates a new paradigm for the visual representation of constraint programming that may be appropriate to future ...
    • Passwords and the Evolution of Imperfect Authentication 

      Bonneau, Joseph; Herley, Cormac; van, Oorschot Paul C; Stajano, Francesco Mario (ACM, 2014)
      Theory on passwords has lagged behind practice, where large providers use back-end smarts to survive with imperfect technology. Simplistic models of user and attacker behaviors have led the research community to emphasize ...
    • A PCIe DMA engine to support the virtualization of 40 Gbps FPGA-accelerated network appliances 

      Zazo, Jose Fernando; Lopez-Buedo, Sergio; Audzevich, Yury; Moore, Andrew William (IEEE, 2016-02-02)
      Network Function Virtualization (NFV) allows creating specialized network appliances out of general-purpose computing equipment (servers, storage, and switches). In this paper we present a PCIe DMA engine that allows ...
    • Pebble games with algebraic rules 

      Dawar, Anuj; Holm, Bjarki
      We define a general framework of $\textit{partition games}$ for formulating two-player pebble games over finite structures. The framework we introduce includes as special cases the pebble games for finite-variable logics ...
    • The pebbling comonad in Finite Model Theory 

      Abramsky, S; Dawar, Anuj; Wang, P (IEEE, 2017-08-08)
      Pebble games are a powerful tool in the study of finite model theory, constraint satisfaction and database theory. Monads and comonads are basic notions of category theory which are widely used in semantics of computation ...
    • Performance Implications of Transient Loop-Carried Data Dependences in Automatically Parallelized Loops 

      Murphy, Niall; Jones, Timothy; Mullins, Robert; Campanoni, Simone (Association for Computing Machinery, 2016-03-17)
      Recent approaches to automatic parallelization have taken advantage of the low-latency on-chip interconnect provided in modern multicore processors, demonstrating significant speedups, even for complex workloads. Although ...
    • Personal Data: Thinking Inside the Box 

      Chaudhry, Amir; Crowcroft, Jonathon Andrew; Howard, Heidi; Madhavapeddy, Anil Venkata; Mortier, Richard Michael; Haddadi, Hamed; McAuley, Derek (ACM, 2015)
      We are in a ‘personal data gold rush’ driven by advertising being the primary revenue source for most online companies. These companies accumulate extensive personal data about individuals with minimal concern for us, the ...
    • Personality perception of robot avatar tele-operators 

      Bremner, Paul; Celiktutan, Oya; Gunes, Hatice (2016-04-14)
    • Personality perception of robot avatar tele-operators 

      Bremner, Paul; Celiktutan, Oya; Gunes, Hatice (IEEE, 2016-04-14)
      Nowadays a significant part of human-human interaction takes place over distance. Tele-operated robot avatars, in which an operator's behaviours are portrayed by a robot proxy, have the potential to improve distance ...
    • Personality Perception of Robot Avatar Teleoperators in Solo and Dyadic Tasks 

      Bremner, PA; Celiktutan, O; Gunes, Hatice (Frontiers, 2017-05-23)
      Humanoid robot avatars are a potential new telecommunication tool, whereby a user is remotely represented by a robot that replicates their arm, head, and possible face movements. They have been shown to have a number of ...
    • Pico in the Wild: Replacing Passwords, One Site at a Time 

      Aebischer, S; Dettoni, C; Jenkinson, Graeme Craig; Krol, Katarzyna Kinga; Llewellyn-Jones, David; Masui, T; Stajano, Francesco Mario (Internet Society, 2017-04-29)
      Passwords are a burden on the user, especially nowadays with an increasing number of accounts and a proliferation of different devices. Pico is a token-based login method that does not ask users to remember any secrets, ...
    • Polymorphism, subtyping, and type inference in MLsub 

      Dolan, Stephen; Mycroft, Alan (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017-01-01)
      We present a type system combining subtyping and ML-style parametric polymorphism. Unlike previous work, our system support type inference and has compact principal types. We demonstrate this system in the minimal language ...
    • Poster Abstract: Bridge structural monitoring through a vibration energy harvesting wireless sensor network 

      Gaglione, Andrea; Rodenas-Herraiz, David; Jia, Yu; Nawaz, Sarfraz; Mascolo, Cecilia; Soga, Kenichi; Seshia, Ashwin Arunkumar (Association for Computing Machinery, 2016-11-17)
      Structural monitoring applications such as corrosion assessment, measurement of concrete temperature or moisture content of critical bridge structures can greatly benefit from the use of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), ...
    • Practicalities of predicting quality of high dynamic range images and video 

      Mantiuk, Rafal Konrad (2016-08-03)
      © 2016 IEEE.The paper discusses the use of existing metrics, such as HDR-VDP and extensions of MS-SSIM and PSNR, for prediction of quality in high dynamic range (HDR) images and video. The discussion is based on the ...
    • The practices of programming 

      Bergström, I; Blackwell, Alan Frank (2016-11-08)
      © 2016 IEEE.How diverse are the ways that programming is done? While a variety of accounts exist, each appears in isolation, neither framed in terms of a distinct practice, nor as one of many such practices. In this work ...
    • Privacy and security: Making security sustainable 

      Anderson, Ross John (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2018-03-01)
      Can there be an Internet of durable goods?
    • Privacy-Preserving Personal Model Training 

      Servia-Rodriguez, Sandra; Wang, liang; Zhao, Jianxin; Mortier, Richard Michael; Haddadi, Hamed
      Many current Internet services rely on inferences from models trained on user data. Commonly, both the training and inference tasks are carried out using cloud resources fed by personal data collected at scale from users. ...
    • Program Synthesis for Program Analysis 

      David, Cristina Mariana; Kesseli, Pascal; Kroening, Daniel; Lewis, Matt
      In this paper, we propose a unified framework for designing static analysers based on program synthesis. For this purpose, we identify a fragment of second-order logic with restricted quantification that is expressive ...
    • Programming and proving with classical types 

      Matache, C; Gomes, Victor; Mulligan, Dominic Phillip (2017-01-01)
      The propositions-as-types correspondence is ordinarily presen- ted as linking the metatheory of typed λ-calculi and the proof theory of intuitionistic logic. Griffin observed that this correspondence could be extended to ...
    • Programming Model to Develop Supercomputer Combinatorial Solvers 

      Tarawneh, G; Mokhov, A; Naylor, M; Rast, A; Moore, Simon William; Thomas, DB; Yakovlev, A et al. (2017-09-05)
      © 2017 IEEE. Novel architectures for massively parallel machines offer better scalability and the prospect of achieving linear speedup for sizable problems in many domains. The development of suitable programming models ...