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    • Taking down websites to prevent crime 

      Hutchings, Alice; Clayton, R; Anderson, Ross John
      Website takedown has been used to disrupt criminal activities for well over a decade. Yet little is known about its overall effectiveness, particularly as many websites can be replaced rapidly and at little cost. We conducted ...
    • TCP in the Internet of Things: from ostracism to prominence 

      Carles Gomez, CG; Arcia Moret, Andres Emilio; Crowcroft, Jonathon Andrew
      TCP has traditionally been neglected as a transport-layer protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT). However, recent trends and industry needs are favouring TCP presence in IoT environments. In this paper, we first motivate ...
    • Template attacks on different devices 

      Choudary, Omar; Kuhn, Markus Guenther (Springer, 2014-08-15)
      Template attacks remain a most powerful side-channel technique to eavesdrop on tamper-resistant hardware. They use a profiling step to compute the parameters of a multivariate normal distribution from a training device and ...
    • Text mining for improved exposure assessment 

      Larsson, K; Baker, Simon; Silins, I; Guo, Y; Stenius, U; Korhonen, Anna-Leena; Berglund, M (PLOS, 2017-03-03)
      Chemical exposure assessments are based on information collected via different methods, such as biomonitoring, personal monitoring, environmental monitoring and questionnaires. The vast amount of chemical-specific exposure ...
    • Text Readability Assessment for Second Language Learners 

      Xia, M; Kochmar, Ekaterina; Briscoe, Edward John (ACL Home Association for Computational Linguistics, 2016-06-16)
      This paper addresses the task of readability assessment for the texts aimed at second language (L2) learners. One of the major challenges in this task is the lack of significantly sized level-annotated data. For the present ...
    • A Theory of Effects and Resources: Adjunction Models and Polarised Calculi 

      Curien, Pierre-Louis; Fiore, Marcelo; Munch-Maccagnoni, Guillaume (Association for Computing Machinery, 2016-01-11)
      We consider the Curry-Howard-Lambek correspondence for effectful computation and resource management, specifically proposing polarised calculi together with presheaf-enriched adjunction models as the starting point for a ...
    • There are Many Apps for That: Quantifying the Availability of Privacy-Preserving Apps 

      Taylor, VF; Beresford, Alastair Richard; Martinovic, I (Association for Computing Machinery, 2017-07-18)
      The adage "there's an app for that" holds true in modern app stores. Indeed, app stores usually go further and provide multiple apps with very similar functionality; examples range from flashlight apps to alarm clocks. We ...
    • "To Bluff like a Man or Fold like a Girl?" - Gender Biased Deceptive Behavior in Online Poker. 

      Palomäki, Jussi; Yan, Jeff; Modic, David; Laakasuo, Michael (2016-01)
    • To Have and Have Not: Variations on Secret Sharing to Model User Presence 

      Stafford-Fraser, Quentin; Stajano, Francesco Mario; Warrington, Chris; Jenkinson, Graeme; Spencer, Max; Payne, Jeunese (ACM, 2014-09-13)
      We address the problem of locking and unlocking a device, such as a laptop, a phone or a security token, based on the absence or presence of the user. We detect user presence by sensing the proximity of a subset of their ...
    • Towards an SDN Network Control Application for Differentiated Traffic Routing 

      Adami, Davide; Antichi, Gianni; Garroppo, Rosario G; Giordano, Stefano; Moore, Andrew William (2015-05-18)
      In the last years, Software Defined Networking has emerged as a promising paradigm to foster network innovation and address the issues coming from the ossification of the TCP/IP architecture. The clean separation between ...
    • Tracking Serendipitous Interactions: How Individual Cultures Shape the Office 

      Brown, Chloe; Efstratiou, Christos; Leontiadis, Ilias; Quercia, Daniele; Mascolo, Cecilia (ACM, 2014-02-15)
      In many work environments, serendipitous interactions between members of different groups may lead to enhanced productivity, collaboration and knowledge dissemination. Two factors that may have an influence on such ...
    • Tracking Urban Activity Growth Globally with Big Location Data 

      Daggitt, Matthew L; Noulas, Anastasios; Shaw, Blake; Mascolo, Cecilia (The Royal Society Publishing, 2016)
      In recent decades the world has experienced rates of urban growth unparalleled in any other period of history and this growth is shaping the environment in which an increasing proportion of us live. In this paper, we use ...
    • Transforming spreadsheets with data noodles 

      Gorinova, MI; Sarkar, A; Blackwell, Alan Frank; Prince, K (2016-11-08)
      © 2016 IEEE.Data wrangling is the term used by data scientists for the work of re-organising data into a new structure, before work starts on reporting or analysis. We present a prototype that applies programming by example ...
    • Trends in modeling Biomedical Complex Systems 

      Unknown author (2009-10-15)
      Abstract In this paper we provide an introduction to the techniques for multi-scale complex biological systems, from the single bio-molecule to the cell, combining theoretical modeling, experiments, informatics tools and ...
    • Twenty security considerations for cloud-supported Internet of Things 

      Singh, Jatinder; Pasquier, Thomas; Bacon, Jean Margaret; Ko, Hajoon; Eyers, David (IEEE, 2015-07-23)
      To realise the broad vision of pervasive computing, underpinned by the “Internet of Things” (IoT), it is essential to break down application and technology-based silos and support broad connectivity and data sharing; the ...
    • Understanding food consumption lifecycles using wearable cameras 

      Ng, Kher Hui; Shipp, Victoria; Mortier, Richard Michael; Benford, Steve; Flintham, Martin; Rodden, Tom (Springer, 2015-08-20)
      Application of design in HCI is a common approach to engendering behavioural change to address important challenges such as sustainability. Encouraging such change requires an understanding of current motivations and ...
    • Undisciplined disciples: everything you always wanted to know about ethnomethodology but were afraid to ask Yoda 

      Blackwell, Alan Frank; Blythe, M; Kaye, J (Springer, 2017-06-01)
      As computing technologies become ubiquitous in social life, social science increasingly becomes the study of those technosystems. Similarly, as technology corporations compete to design new ubicomp products, social science ...
    • Units-of-Measure Correctness in Fortran Programs 

      Contrastin, Mistral; Orchard, Dominic; Rice, Andrew; Danish, Matthew (IEEE, 2015-12-21)
      The authors argue that they can increase confidence in Fortran programs with unit annotations and CamFort units-of-measure analysis.
    • Unsupervised Timeline Generation for Wikipedia History Articles 

      Bauer, Sandro; Teufel, Simone Heidi (Association for Computational Linguistics, 2016-11-01)
      This paper presents a generic approach to content selection for creating timelines from individual history articles for which no external information about the same topic is available. This scenario is in contrast to ...
    • The usability canary in the security coal mine: A cognitive framework for evaluation and design of usable authentication solutions 

      Glass, Brian; Jenkinson, Graeme Craig; Liu, Yuqi; Sasse, Martina Angela; Stajano, Francesco Mario
      Over the past 15 years, researchers have identified an increasing number of security mechanisms that are so unus- able that the intended users either circumvent them or give up on a service rather than suffer the security. ...