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    • Don’t Interrupt Me While I Type: Inferring Text Entered Through Gesture Typing on Android Keyboards 

      Simon, Laurent; Xu, Wenduan; Anderson, Ross John
      We present a new side-channel attack against soft keyboards that support gesture typing on Android smartphones. An application without any special permissions can observe the number and timing of the screen hardware ...
    • International comparison of bank fraud reimbursement: Customer perceptions and contractual terms 

      Becker, Ingolf; Hutchings, Alice; Abu-Salma, Ruba; Anderson, Ross John; Bohm, Nicholas; Murdoch, Steven James; Sasse, Angela et al. (Oxford University Press, 2018-06-01)
      We set out to investigate how customers comprehend bank terms and conditions (T&Cs). If T&Cs are incomprehensible, then it is unreasonable to expect customers to comply with them. An expert analysis of 30 bank contracts ...
    • Privacy and security: Making security sustainable 

      Anderson, Ross John (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2018-03-01)
      Can there be an Internet of durable goods?
    • SMAPs: Short Message Authentication Protocols 

      Baqer, Khaled; Bezuidenhoudt, J; Anderson, Ross John; Kuhn, Markus Guenther
      There is a long history of authentication protocols designed for ease of human use, which rely on users copying a short string of digits. Historical examples include telex test keys and early nuclear firing codes; familiar ...
    • Taking down websites to prevent crime 

      Hutchings, Alice; Clayton, R; Anderson, Ross John
      Website takedown has been used to disrupt criminal activities for well over a decade. Yet little is known about its overall effectiveness, particularly as many websites can be replaced rapidly and at little cost. We conducted ...
    • We will make you like our research: The development of a susceptibility-to-persuasion scale. 

      Modic, David; Anderson, Ross John; Palomäki, Jussi (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2018-01)
      Psychological and other persuasive mechanisms across diverse contexts are well researched, with many studies of the effectiveness of specific persuasive techniques on distinct types of human behaviour. In the present paper, ...