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    • CHERI JNI: Sinking the Java Security Model into the C 

      Chisnall, David; Davis, Brooks; Gudka, Khilan; Brazdil, David; Joannou, Alexandre; Woodruff, Jonathan; Markettos, Athanasios Theodore et al. (ACM, 2017-06)
      Java provides security and robustness by building a high- level security model atop the foundation of memory protection. Unfortunately, any native code linked into a Java program – including the million lines used to ...
    • Fast Protection-Domain Crossing in the CHERI Capability-System Architecture 

      Watson, Robert Nicholas; Norton, Robert; Woodruff, Jonathan; Joannou, Alexandre; Moore, Simon William; Neumann, Peter G; Anderson, Jonathan et al. (IEEE, 2016-10-27)
      Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions (CHERI) supplement the conventional memory management unit (MMU) with instruction-set architecture (ISA) extensions that implement a capability system model in the address ...