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    • Z′ models for the LHCb and g-2 muon anomalies 

      Allanach, Benjamin; Queiroz, FS; Strumia, A; Sun, S (2016-03-29)
    • Wormhole throats in R m gravity 

      Furey, Nichol; DeBenedictis, A (2005-01-21)
    • ADHM and the 4d quantum Hall effect 

      Barns-Graham, A; Dorey, Nicholas; Lohitsiri, N; Tong, David; Turner, Carl (2018-04-01)
      © 2018, The Author(s). Yang-Mills instantons are solitonic particles in d = 4 + 1 dimensional gauge theories. We construct and analyse the quantum Hall states that arise when these particles are restricted to the lowest ...
    • Towards the european strategy for particle physics: The briefing book 

      Åkesson, T; Aleksan, R; Allanach, Benjamin; Bertolucci, S; Blondel, A; Butterworth, J; Cavalli-Sforza, M et al. (2007-07-01)