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  • Migrating microbes: what pathogens can tell us about population movements and human evolution 

    Houldcroft, Charlotte Jane; Ramond, J-B; Rifkin, RF; Underdown, SJ
    Background: The biology of human migration can be observed from the co-evolutionary relationship with infectious diseases. While many pathogens are brief, unpleasant visitors to human bodies, others have the ability to ...
  • The study of human Y chromosome variation through ancient DNA 

    Kivisild, Toomas (Springer, Springer, 2017-03-04)
    High throughput sequencing methods have completely transformed the study of human Y chromosome variation by offering a genome-scale view on genetic variation retrieved from ancient human remains in context of a growing ...
  • Clinical and biological insights from viral genome sequencing 

    Houldcroft, Charlotte Jane; Beale, MA; Breuer, J (Nature Publishing Group, 2017-03-01)
    Whole-genome sequencing (WGS) of pathogens is becoming increasingly important not only for basic research but also for clinical science and practice. In virology, WGS is important for the development of novel treatments ...
  • Hunter-Gatherers and the Origins of Religion 

    Peoples, Hervey C.; Duda, Pavel; Marlowe, Frank W. (Springer, 2016-05-06)
    Recent studies of the evolution of religion have revealed the cognitive underpinnings of belief in supernatural agents, the role of ritual in promoting cooperation, and the contribution of morally punishing high gods to ...

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