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  • Comprehensive Cancer-Predisposition Gene Testing in an Adult Multiple Primary Tumor Series Shows a Broad Range of Deleterious Variants and Atypical Tumor Phenotypes. 

    Whitworth, James; Smith, Philip S; Martin, Jose-Ezequiel; West, Hannah; Luchetti, Andrea; Rodger, Faye; Clark, Graeme et al. (Elsevier BV, 2018-07-05)
    Multiple primary tumors (MPTs) affect a substantial proportion of cancer survivors and can result from various causes, including inherited predisposition. Currently, germline genetic testing of MPT-affected individuals for ...
  • APOBEC3A/B deletion polymorphism and cancer risk. 

    Gansmo, Liv B; Romundstad, Paal; Hveem, Kristian; Vatten, Lars; Nik-Zainal, Serena; Lønning, Per Eystein; Knappskog, Stian (Oxford University Press, 2018-02-09)
    Activity of the apolipoprotein B mRNA editing enzyme, catalytic-polypeptide-like (APOBEC) enzymes has been linked to specific mutational processes in human cancer genomes. A germline APOBEC3A/B deletion polymorphism is ...
  • Wars2 is a determinant of angiogenesis. 

    Wang, Mao; Sips, Patrick; Khin, Ester; Rotival, Maxime; Sun, Ximing; Ahmed, Rizwan; Widjaja, Anissa Anindya et al. (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2016-07-08)
    Coronary flow (CF) measured ex vivo is largely determined by capillary density that reflects angiogenic vessel formation in the heart in vivo. Here we exploit this relationship and show that CF in the rat is influenced by ...
  • Expression QTLs Mapping and Analysis: A Bayesian Perspective. 

    Imprialou, Martha; Petretto, Enrico; Bottolo, Leonardo (Springer New York, 2017)
    The aim of expression Quantitative Trait Locus (eQTL) mapping is the identification of DNA sequence variants that explain variation in gene expression. Given the recent yield of trait-associated genetic variants identified ...

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