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  • Cocky King: Country Entertainer of the Bromeswell Cherry Tree 

    Lanham, Neil (Neil Lanham, 2007-09)
    It has been said that the latterday 'more-literate' mind seeks little more than information, whereas those people of an older and 'more-oral' culture were brought up on understandings (Walter Ong). Likewise, the modem mind ...
  • Cocky King: Star of the Bromeswell Cherrytree Plays for You as Yesteryear 

    Lanham, Neil (Neil Lanham, 2009-05)
    In the 194O's and 50's, public houses such as The Cherrytree at Bromeswell in the heart of unspoilt rural Suffolk would have their own musicianer playing for the people what he felt the people wanted. There was not the now ...