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    • Global glacier dynamics during 100 ka Pleistocene glacial cycles 

      Gibbard, Philip; Hughes, Philip
      Ice volume during the last ten 100 ka glacial cycles was driven by solar radiation flux in the northern hemisphere. Early minima in solar radiation combined with critical levels of atmospheric CO2 drove initial glacier ...
    • Seismic evidence for complex sedimentary control of Greenland Ice Sheet flow 

      Kulessa, B; Hubbard, AL; Booth, AD; Bougamont, Marion; Dow, C; Doyle, SH; Christoffersen, Poul et al. (AAAS, 2017-08-02)
      The land-terminating margin of the Greenland Ice Sheet has slowed down in recent decades, although the causes and implications for future ice flow are unclear. Explained originally by a self-regulating mechanism where basal ...
    • A Survey of Arctic Information Provision for the European Union 

      Cronin, Georgina; Lane, H (The Scott Polar Research Institute, 2013-12-20)
      A part of the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment of the Development of the Arctic and preparatory action for a European Union Arctic Information Centre
    • Ground-penetrating radar measurements of debris thickness on Lirung Glacier, Nepal 

      McCarthy, M; Pritchard, H; Willis, Ian; King, E (Cambridge University Press, 2017-06-01)
      Supraglacial debris thickness is a key control on the surface energy balance of debriscovered glaciers, yet debris thickness measurements are sparse due to difficulties of data collection. Here we use ground-penetrating ...