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  • Research data supporting “Tumor-induced IL-6 reprograms host metabolism to suppress anti-tumor immunity” 

    Flint, T; Janowitz, T; Connell, C; Roberts, E; Denton, A; Coll, A; Jodrell, D et al.
  • Research data supporting "Crowdsourcing the General Public for Large Scale Molecular Pathology Studies in Cancer" 

    Candido do Reis, Francisco J.; Lynn, Stuart; Ali, H. Raza; Eccles, Diana; Hanby, Andrew; Provenzano, Elena; Caldas, Carlos et al. (2015-05-08)
  • Chromosomal instability determines taxane sensitivity - supplementary materials 

    Swanton, Charles; Nicke, Barbara; Schuett, Marion; Eklund, Aron C.; Ng, Charlotte; Li, Qiyuan; Hardcastle, Thomas et al. (2009-04-24)
    Microtubule-stabilizing (MTS) agents, such as taxanes, are important chemotherapeutics with a poorly understood mechanism of action. We identified a set of genes repressed in multiple cell lines in response to MTS agents ...