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  • Sanal Byurchiev, About the Family Altar and Relics 

    Churyumova, Elvira; Seleeva, Tsagan (2016-08-26)
    Sanal shows us his domestic altar. He puts deezh (tea and food offerings) on the altar every morning. Among many religious objects on his altar, the statue of the Buddha of the Baga Chonos clan occupies a special place. ...
  • Andrei Boldyrev, About Inherited Skills and Objects 

    Churyumov, Anton (2016-08-25)
    Andrei’s father was a monk who cured both sick children and adults, although Andrei himself cures only children and women who recently gave birth. He also purifies cattle barns. Andrei’s father started curing people when ...
  • About Inherited Skills 

    Churyumova, Elvira; Seleeva, Tsagan (2015-04-23)
    This video features stories of three Kalmyk women, namely Ekaterina Dorzhieva, Anna Antonova, and Galina Tikeeva. Ekaterina’s mother was an accomplished singer. Ekaterina’s two sisters, one of whom is 87 years old and the ...