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This video collection hosts interviews about the Derbet, their constituent clans and lineages, stories, legends, and much more.

The Oirats, ancestors of the Kalmyks, participated in the campaigns of Chingis Khan and his descendants as military units. There is a widespread view among Kalmyk scholars that the names of these units turned later into various ethnonyms such as Derbet (cavalry), Torghut (guards of the khan's residence), and Khoshud (vanguard units).

The Derbets of Kalmykia are the descendants of those, who together with other Oirat tribes, came to the Volga region from Jungaria. The Derbet consists of various clans or lineages, including Abaganer, Chonos, Sharyad, Sharnut, Tadzhiut, Tsoros, Tugtun, Kharnut, Merkit, Kereit, Batut, Khoit, Khoshud, Tarachin, Sokhad, Tsaatan, Khazakh, Telegit, and others. Today the Derbets live in compact groups in the northern part of Kalmykia.

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