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  • Sangadzhi Kononov, About Kalmyk Wedding 

    Terbish, Baasanjav; Churyumova, Elvira (2018-03-31)
    Sangadzhi talks about wedding rituals, including matchmaking, wedding, gal tyalgn (fire ritual) and others. Born in the village of Khanata in Maloderbetovskiy rayon, Sangadzhi belongs to the Onkyakhn clan (arvn). After ...
  • Lidzhi Amikov, About Wedding Rituals 

    Terbish, Baasanjav; Churyumova, Elvira (2018-03-31)
    Lidzhi says that various rituals that people perform at weddings are all done for the wellbeing and happiness of the newlywed. Early in the morning, members of the groom’s family light candles and ask ancestors and gods ...
  • Gerel Shakeeva, About Kalmyk Weddings 

    Terbish, Baasanjav; Churyumova, Elvira (2018-03-31)
    Gerel talks about her own engagement and wedding. She had her engagement in November and her wedding was a month and a half later. According to Kalmyk tradition, during the engagement the groom’s side brings a cooked sheep’s ...
  • Ekaterina Boldyreva, About Wedding 

    Terbish, Baasanjav; Churyumova, Elvira (2018-03-31)
    Ekaterina recalls that when she was a child she saw the wedding of the woman who babysat her. The wedding lasted for three days and all the brides wealth (including cloth, dresses and gifts) were hung on a rope. When the ...

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