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  • Maria Dordzhieva, About Zul and Tsagan Sar 

    Kovaeva, Bair; Churyumov, Anton (2015-09-26)
    Maria says that this year is the year of the Sheep and the coming year is that of the Monkey. She congratulates everyone on their birthdays and utters a well-wish.
  • Lidia Beltrikova, Zul 

    Seleeva, Tsagan (2015-06-22)
    Lidia says that in the past people prepared birthday candles. Also, they made an extra candle with 9 grass stems, cooked tea and made offerings to gods. After 3 days, men celebrated their birthdays. Within 3 days following ...
  • Larisa Shoglyaeva, About Zul 

    Churyumov, Anton; Okonova, Altana; Babaev, Andrei (2017-02-03)
    Zul is a holiday dedicated to the lama Tsongkapa. It is celebrated on the 25th day of the month of the Mouse.
  • Ksenia Konchieva, Zul and Tsagan Sar 

    Churyumova, Elvira; Seleeva, Tsagan (2015-05-29)
    Zul is a birthday. On this day, people light candles for themselves at night. Besides this, one special candle with 9 grass stems stuck on it should be dedicated to the goddess Okn Tengri. During Tsagan Sar people are ...

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