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Yas kemyalgn refers to a peculiar competition in wit involving two participants during which they recount the characteristics of the 25th bone in the vertebra of the sheep. This particular bone has 12 prominent curves and about a hundred tiny details. Each protrusion and hollow in the bone has its own name alluding to that particular detail’s similarity to someone's bodily part or to something (e.g. a mountain, a river, a valley, front teeth of a horse, a saddle, ears of a hunting dog, a hero's forehead, a woman's hips, a curve on a craftsman's thumb, etc.). The skill of a yas kemyalgn teller consists of finding these similarities and describing a similar object in a poetic language.

Dalyn shinj, which means '(seeing) signs on a shoulder blade', is a technique of prophesizing through using the shoulder of a sheep. The shoulder to be used for prophesizing should be cooked first and then its flesh eaten. By examining the markings on the shoulder blade - such as cracks, lines, and the colour, shape and size of various areas, etc. - the fortune teller can foretell not only the future of individuals, families, or societies but also provide long-term weather forecasts.

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