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  • Maria Lidzhigoryaeva, Return from Siberia in 1957 

    Khabunova, Evdokia; Gedeeva, Darina; Ubushieva, Bamba (2016-06-14)
    Maria says that the first train with Kalmyks from Krasnoyarskiy krai arrived in Divnoe, Stavropol oblast, in 1957. There are no documents left today pertaining to this event. Maria, who was on that train herself, recalls ...
  • Lidzhi Amikov, About Khar Kurya 

    Kovaeva, Bair (2016-05-18)
    In Maloderbetovskiy rayon there is a hill or mound called Khar Kurya which is a burial place of a Kalmyk nobleman who died in a war. The nobleman was buried along with military equipment. It is also believed that this mound ...
  • Galina Samtonova, Klavdia Manunova, Exile 

    Churyumova, Elvira (2015-10-21)
    Galina talks about how a Russian soldier who came to their home to send them into exile advised that they take warm blankets. The Kalmyks were sent to Siberia in freight carriages sitting on the floor. The warm blankets ...
  • Bulyash Chumudova, About The Yurt (Ishkya Ger) and Felt Making 

    Churyumova, Elvira; Boskhomdzhiev, Mergen (2015-06-16)
    When Bulyash was small, Kalmyks lived in nomadic yurts. Bulyash talks about the yurt, including its structure and the traditional furniture kept inside. For example, in the middle of the yurt was the hearth. A horse harness ...