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  • Bairta Ad'yanova, Bairta Bal'dzhirova, Bortsg, Kalmyk Dumplings and Tea 

    Churyumov, Anton (2016-08-16)
    This video features recipes for biscuits (bortsg), dumplings, and Kalmyk tea. Biscuits (bortsg): This recipe is modern. Ingredients include 400 grams of cream, 4 spoons of sugar, a spoon of salt, and an egg. All the ...
  • Alena Lidzhieva, Kalmyk Cuisine 

    Dovurkaev, Karu; Chryumov, Anton (2015-06-12)
    Alena talks about traditional cuisine and what people ate during different seasons in the past. She also gives short recipes for traditional dishes and drinks. Bulmg: Put butter and milk in a pan and boil on a low heat. ...