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  • Sergei Muchiryaev, about fish dishes 

    Terbish, Baasanjav (Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Documentation Project, University of Cambridge, 2019-05-12)
    Sergei says that in the past Kalmyks made pâté from the catfish, for it has few bones. The catfish was shred into small pieces and mixed with butter. People also ate fish intestines, especially those of the pike fish.
  • Zurgan Lidzhieva, About Fish Dishes 

    Terbish, Baasanjav; Churyumova, Elvira (2018-03-31)
    Zurgan says that in the past people went fishing in a place called Shorg which was rich with fish and ducks. When people had nothing to eat, they went fishing and collecting duck eggs. People cooked fish and made fish soup. ...
  • Maria Lidzhigoryaeva, Fish Dishes 

    Terbish, Baasanjav; Churyumova, Elvira (2018-03-31)
    In this video Maria makes fish dishes including cutlets, a soup and bulmg. Maria was born in 1937. She is from Tsagan-Aman. She says her grandfather used to go fishing. He caught carp, zander, ruff, eel and other fish ...
  • Maria Lidzhigoryaeva, Dishes From My Childhood 

    Kornyakova, Saglara (2016-08-11)
    In Maria’s childhood her uncle used to go fishing. Fish was fried on a big stove. The eel was a species regarded as the most oily and greasy. Today Maria rarely cooks fish. First she washes the fish, scales it and guts it. ...