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  • Ubush Darzhinov, Deezh 

    Churyumov, Anton (2017-03-25)
    Ubush says that his grandmother always put the first cup of fresh tea (deezh) on her altar. In his childhood Ubush drank this first cup of tea, since he was the youngest boy in the family. It is believed that when the pious ...
  • Bembya Fedorov, Three Legends About Kalmyk Tea 

    Okonova, Altana; Churyumov, Anton (2017-01-30)
    Legend One. Kalmyk tea is a present from gods to the Kalmyk people. In the past, the Kalmyks drank kumis, cow milk and spring water only. One day god in the form of an old man descended on earth. When he entered a Kalmyk ...
  • Antonina Boskhandjieva, About Jomba 

    Churyumova, Elvira; Boskhomdzhiev, Mergen (2015-04-23)
    In this video Antonina makes Kalmyk tea called jomba. It is a salty, green tea with milk, butter, and nutmeg. While it is boiling, Kalmyk tea has to be stirred periodically by lifting a large spoonful of tea and pouring ...
  • Anatoliy Safinov, Vodka 

    Seleeva, Tsagan (2015-06-08)
    When Anatoliy was young his mother used to make milk vodka. First, milk was left to turn sour in order to make chigyan. Then the chigyan was poured into a pot. The pot was covered with a lid that had a hole through which ...