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  • Maximising the value of research outputs: Wellcome’s approach 

    Carr, D; Kiley, R (2017-12-05)
    Wellcome Trust updated their policy on the management and sharing of research outputs in July 2017. In December 2017, Wellcome Trust visited Cambridge to talk with their funded research community (and potential researchers) ...
  • Popping the filter bubble 

    Hughes, Katie; Cronin, G; Welch, L (2017-10-23)
    So-called “fake news” is everywhere and is having a major impact on daily life from politics to education. The rapid growth of information and the numbers of people who can create it means that we need more sophisticated ...
  • WikiFactMine for Phytochemistry 

    Arrow, Tom; Matthews, Charles; Molloy, Jenny; Mounce, Ross; Murray-Rust, Peter; Smith-Unna, Richard; Willighagen, Lars (2017-07-12)
  • Text mining: The view from NaCTeM 

    McNaught, John (2017-07-12)

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