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    • Open Access: Update 2018 

      Hughes, Katie (2018-05-03)
      Open Access is a fast moving area but it can be hard to find the time to keep up. This webinar on Open Access offers a brief update on the biggest changes both within Cambridge and the wider world in the last year.
    • Metrics: the good, the bad, and the ugly 

      Hughes, Katie; Nobis, Yvonne (2018-03-09)
      This session aims to help you navigate your way through the metrics maze. It will enable you to discover research by using metrics and how metrics can determine online impact. It will introduce article metrics, personal ...
    • Cambridge AHRC DTP Research Leadership Workshop 8. Going Public II: Open Research 

      Cadwallader, Lauren; Hughes, Katie (2018-02-22)
      This workshop will introduce you to the concept of Open Research –sharing all aspects of your research in a way that makes it freely accessible to everyone. Katie Hughes and Lauren Cadwallader will discuss the importance ...
    • Books: Publishing your research effectively for HASS PhDs 

      Hughes, Katie (2017-11-21)
      Where should you publish your monograph or book chapter? How do you assess the appropriateness of a publisher for your work? Picking where to publish your research and in what format is an important decision to make. This ...