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  • Francis Bacon and ‘The Summe of the Bible’ 

    Serjeantson, Richard (Oxford University Press, 2017-06-01)
  • Partiality and Retrospective Justification 

    Salow, Bernhard Joachim
  • Shelley’s Vestimentary Poetics 

    Freer, Alexander William
    The figures of veils in Shelley’s poetics have long been understood as an inconsistent and potentially confused contribution to a debate between representational and expressive accounts of language. However, Shelley’s veils ...
  • Poetics Contra Psychoanalysis 

    Freer, Alexander William
    This essay argues that psychoanalytic literary criticism has largely failed because it has assumed that literature and psychoanalysis share common analytical ground. I contend that psychoanalytic approaches necessarily ...

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