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    • Transparency and the KK Principle 

      Das, Nilanjan; Salow, Bernhard Joachim (Wiley, 2016-06)
      An important question in epistemology is whether the KK principle is true, i.e., whether an agent who knows that $\textit{p}$ is also thereby in a position to know that she knows that$\textit{p}$. We explain how a ...
    • The Externalist’s Guide to Fishing for Compliments 

      Salow, Bernhard Joachim (Oxford University Press, 2017-02-20)
      Suppose you’d like to believe that $\textit{p}$ (for example, that you are popular), whether or not it’s true. What can you do to help? A natural initial thought is that you could engage in $\textit{Intentionally Biased ...
    • Taking a chance on KK 

      Goodman, J; Salow, Bernhard Joachim
      Dorr et al. (Philos Stud 170:277–287, 2014) present a case that poses a challenge for a number of plausible principles about knowledge and objective chance. Implicit in their discussion is an interesting new argument against ...