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  • Structural studies of the mitochondrial F-ATPase 

    Spikes, Tobias Edward (2018-05-12)
    The mitochondrial F-ATPases make about 90% of cellular ATP. They are multi-protein assemblies with a membrane extrinsic catalytic domain attached to a membrane embedded sector. They operate by a mechanical rotary mechanism ...
  • Protein factors involved in the biogenesis of the mitochondrial ribosome 

    D'Souza, Aaron Raynold (2018-02-06)
    The mammalian mitochondria contain their own genome which encodes thirteen polypeptide components of the oxidative phosphorylation (OxPhos) system, and the mitochondrial (mt-) rRNAs and tRNAs required for their translation. ...
  • Pharmacological aspects of the inhibition of mammalian respiratory complex I 

    Serreli, Riccardo (2018-05-19)
    Mitochondrial complex I, a large respiratory enzyme located in the inner mitochondrial membrane, catalyses electron transfer from NADH to ubiquinone while concomitantly translocating protons across the membrane to sustain ...
  • Cryo-electron microscopy studies on ovine mitochondrial complex I 

    Fiedorczuk, Karol (2017-12-01)
    The main objective of this work is to determine the atomic structure of mammalian respiratory complex I. Mitochondrial complex I (also known as NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase) is one of the central enzymes in the oxidative ...

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