Volatile Organosulfur Compounds in Sulfidic and Ferruginous Sediments

Wilkening, Jean 
Turchyn, Alexandra V 
Redeker, Kelly R 
Mills, Jennifer V 
Antler, Gilad 

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Included in this dataset are measurements of the volatile organosulfur compounds methanethiol (MeSH), dimethyl sulfide (DMS), and dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) that were measured in ferruginous and sulfidic sediments collected in the Warham Salt Marsh in north Norfolk, UK, in 2016-2017. Data include measurements of DMS and MeSH in homogenized marsh sediments (vosc_homogenized_sediments.csv) treated with various sediment amendments and analyzed using a cryotrapping gas chromatograph at the University of York. There are also measurements of DMS and MeSH for depth profiles of unamended sediments (vosc_depth_profiles.csv) analyzed using GC-FID at the University of East Anglia. There are also measurements of DMSP for these sediments (dmsp_depth_profiles.csv). Finally, concentrations of both DMS and MeSH for sediments measured at different times after sampling are reported (vosc_time_degradation.csv). For all reported values, they are reported both as the measured headspace concentration above slurried sediment as well as the calculated total amount of gas (nmol) in the headspace and added water per ml of sediment that was sampled.

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Dimethyl sulfide, methanethiol, ferruginous, sulfidic, salt marsh, dimethylsulfoniopropionate
This work was supported by a Churchill Scholarship to JVW, NERC grant NE/S001252/1 to AVT and JDT, NERC grant NE/K01546X/1 to KRR, and NERC grants NE/P012671/1, NE/N002385/1, and NE/M004449/1 to JDT. Initial analyses were supported by ERCStG 307582 (CARBONSINK) to AVT.