Layered Foam/Film Polymer Nanocomposites with Highly Efficient EMI Shielding Properties and Ultralow Reflection.

Ma, Li 
Hamidinejad, Mahdi 
Zhao, Biao 
Liang, Caiyun 
Park, Chul B 

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Lightweight, high-efficiency and low reflection electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding polymer composites are greatly desired for addressing the challenge of ever-increasing electromagnetic pollution. Lightweight layered foam/film PVDF nanocomposites with efficient EMI shielding effectiveness and ultralow reflection power were fabricated by physical foaming. The unique layered foam/film structure was composed of PVDF/SiCnw/MXene (Ti3C2Tx) composite foam as absorption layer and highly conductive PVDF/MWCNT/GnPs composite film as a reflection layer. The foam layer with numerous heterogeneous interfaces developed between the SiC nanowires (SiCnw) and 2D MXene nanosheets imparted superior EM wave attenuation capability. Furthermore, the microcellular structure effectively tuned the impedance matching and prolonged the wave propagating path by internal scattering and multiple reflections. Meanwhile, the highly conductive PVDF/MWCNT/GnPs composite (~ 220 S m-1) exhibited superior reflectivity (R) of 0.95. The tailored structure in the layered foam/film PVDF nanocomposite exhibited an EMI SE of 32.6 dB and a low reflection bandwidth of 4 GHz (R < 0.1) over the Ku-band (12.4 - 18.0 GHz) at a thickness of 1.95 mm. A peak SER of 3.1 × 10-4 dB was obtained which corresponds to only 0.0022% reflection efficiency. In consequence, this study introduces a feasible approach to develop lightweight, high-efficiency EMI shielding materials with ultralow reflection for emerging applications.

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Article, Microwave absorption and electromaganetic shielding, 2D MXene nanosheets, SiC nanowires, Layered foam/film polymer nanocomposites, Microcellular structure, Absorption-dominated EMI shielding
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Nanomicro Lett
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