Fake news detection using stacked ensemble of classifiers

Thorne, J 
Chen, M 
Myrianthous, G 
Pu, J 
Wang, X 

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Fake news has become a hotly debated topic in journalism. In this paper, we present our entry to the 2017 Fake News Challenge which models the detection of fake news as a stance classification task that finished in 11th place on the leader board. Our entry is an ensemble system of classifiers developed by students in the context of their coursework. We show how we used the stacking ensemble method for this purpose and obtained improvements in classification accuracy exceeding each of the individual models' performance on the development data. Finally, we discuss aspects of the experimental setup of the challenge.

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EMNLP 2017 - 2nd Workshop on Natural Language Processing Meets Journalism, NLPmJ 2017 - Proceedings of the Workshop
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Association for Computational Linguistics