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dc.contributor.authorVignolini, Silvia
dc.contributor.authorYang, Han
dc.contributor.authorJacucci, Gianni
dc.contributor.authorSchertel, Lukas
dc.description1. SEM images of CMPs films folder containing the scanning electron microscope images were taken on the cross-section of the five CMPs (cellulose microparticles) film samples, operated at 5 kV and a working distance of about 6 mm. (Note: Individual images or files are labelled according to a lab-based numbering scheme and do not match the sample nomenclature used in the manuscript) 2. Angular distribution folder containing one Matlab data and two processed Origin data, which can generate the angular distribution curves of two CMPs films with different thickness. Angular distribution was recorded using a goniometer. The illumination angle was fixed at normal incidence and the angular distribution of intensity was acquired by rotating the detector arm around the sample with a resolution of 1°. 3. Cross section data folder containing the four text files which are generated from the optical numerical simulations in Lumerical (a software using the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method), to process these data for the four type of CMPs by Origin software, we can get the cross-section curves of each CMPs. 4. White plot data folder containing three Matlab files of scan data (scan-1, scan-2, and scan-3), which provide the original white plot data for the films with two different filling fractions but at the same thickness, and also three data set for the film of L-CMP, M-CMP and S-CMP, all these have been descripted in the text file named “indication for white plot†and measured with an integrating sphere (Labsphere), each spectrum was recorded using an integration time equal to 3 s. Another file named “Matlab file†in this folder containing the original Matlab files for white plot measurement from different fields of the white films. 5. Haze and transparent film related picture folder containing two original pictures (taken by regular camera) of haze and transparent films on the background of a paper with printed letters, and another two original pictures of haze and transparent films with laser passing through them. 6. White film picture folder containing the original picture (taken by regular camera) of a typical white film prepared by the methods developed in this research. 7. Single particle scattering data folder containing five EPS type files, in which four images are for the single scattering for particles with diameter of 20, 40 and 212 and 520 nanometers, and one image for comparing these four types of particles. These data are generated from optical numerical simulations, which were performed in Lumerical, a software using the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method.
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work was supported by the BBSRC David Phillips fellowship [BB/K014617/1] and the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme Marie Curie Individual Fellowships (793643-MFCPF), ERC SeSaME ERC‐2014‐STG H2020 639088, the PoC 963872, Cellunan, and the Isaac Newton Trust (SNSF3) and the Philip Leverhulme Prize (PLP-2019-271)
dc.formatMatlab, Image Viewer Softwares, Microsoft Excel
dc.rightsAttribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
dc.subjectLight Scattering
dc.title'Research data supporting "Cellulose-based Scattering Enhancers for Light Management Applications"
dc.publisher.departmentDepartment of Chemistry
datacite.contributor.supervisorVignolini, Silvia
dcterms.formatTIF,OPJU, TXT, MAT, JPG, EPS
dc.contributor.orcidVignolini, Silvia [0000-0003-0664-1418]
pubs.licence-display-nameApollo Repository Deposit Licence Agreement

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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
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