About this collection

To aid long-term preservation of the data stored in DSpace, the formats of the data stored in the archive should be well-documtned. This collection aims to hold a comprehensive overview of the file formats stored in DSpace@Cambridge.

The collection also includes bundles of software (source code); this gives a reference implementation or serves as an illustration on the usage, en- and decoding of the archive contents.

Recent Submissions

  • Digital compression and coding of continuous-tone still images 

    Anon. (2009)
    This CCITT Recommendation | ISO/IEC International Standard was prepared by CCITT Study Group VIII and the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 10. This Experts Group was formed in 1986 to ...
  • World Wide Web Molecular Matrix (WWWMM) supporting software 

    Downing, Jim (2005-08-22)
    These scripts were used to correlate input from the World Wide Web Molecular Matrix, extract metadata from CML and to assemble the files into packages ready for import into DSpace 1.2
  • PostgreSQL open source relational database software source code 

    Unknown author (2005-01-14)
    Version 7.4.6 of the PostgreSQL relational database, in sourcecode format. This is part of the software running this archive (the database stores the metadata of DSpace items and provides some elements/logic to support the ...
  • DSpace source code 

    Unknown author (2005-01-14)
    Version 1.2 of the DSpace Java sourcecode. This is part of the software running this archive.

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