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    • Abing in 1950 

      China Central Television (CCTV) (2005-04-14)
      The documentary described the life and music of the most famous Chinese erhu player, Abing.
    • The absence of the wheel in Japan 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-05)
      In contrasting England with Japan, one of the notable features of Japan is the decline in the use of the wheel.
    • An activity of the Board of Billiards on 17th June 2005, Beijing 

      Yan, Xiaoxiao (2005-06-17)
      The Board of Billiards in some BBS in Beijing, often organises a series of activities and gatheries. This film showed one of them. It is filmed at a billiard hall in Haidian District, Beijing on 17th June 2005, where ...
    • Alan and Mark in conversation 

      Macfarlane, Alan; Turin, Mark (2004-07-30)
      To test some of the potentials for a possible film series, Alan Macfarlane and Mark Turin are filmed in King's College, Cambridge. They discuss some of the general questions which might be covered in the series and Mark ...
    • Alan and Mark on Glass 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-29)
      As a test for the possible film series, Alan Macfarlane and Mark Turin discuss the role and effects of glass in history.
    • Alan and Mark on Water Mills 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-29)
      To experiment with the potentials for a film series, Alan Macfarlane and Mark Turin are filmed at Lode watermill. They discuss some of the effects of the development of water mills.
    • Animal Farm - the sixth programme of 'The Day the World Took Off' 

      Dugan, David (2004-08-23)
      This film looks at ten thousand years of human history, focusing on the domestication and harnessing of animals. Why does this principally happen in Europe and Asia, rather than in sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and South ...
    • The art of glass blowing 

      Dugan, David; Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-23)
      Alan Macfarlane talks to Tony Cummins, one of the last traditional glass blowers, as he demonstrates his art and the making of a flat glass object in an old glass house near Birmingham.
    • The automation of wood-cutting 

      Dugan, David (2004-08-17)
      Simon Schaffer explores the development of specific wood-cutting engines, run by steam. These allowed precision cutting and the mass production of standardised blocks. Prior to this development, wood-cutting was done with ...
    • Bamboo craftsman 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-07-29)
      Bamboo is an almost infinitely malleable substance. A highly skilled craftsman shows the way in which it can be split, sub-split and then worked into many kinds of object.
    • Behind the scenes at a Japanese tea ceremony 

      Harrison, Sarah (2004-08-16)
      The preparation of the tea implements and tea behind the screen, while a formal tea ceremony is under way on the other side. In an old tea house in Kamakura.
    • A bindery in a Benedictine Abbey in northern Scotland 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-06)
      In a bindery in Pluscarden, northern Scotland, the binder explains and demonstrates the work of a book-binder within the Benedictine order and the necessity for profitable hard work.
    • A blacksmith shoeing a horse 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-05)
      Alan Macfarlane watches a blacksmith in his forge with his tools and discusses the reasons for horse shoes and watches a horse being shod.
    • Buddhism and Christianity compared in their effects 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-06)
      Against the Bodnath stupa in the Kathmandu valley, Alan Macfarlane reflects on the different effects of Buddhism and Christianity on the material world and technology in particular
    • The Buddhist Nun of Emei Mountain 

      Liang, Bibo (2009-02-23)
      A film by LIANG Bibo about a Buddhist nunnery in southwest China, the Fuhu temple. Liang works for Chengdu television
    • A Buddhist ritual 

      Macfarlane, Alan (2004-08-06)
      Inside a monastery in the Kathmandu valley, the monks chant, clash cymbals and blow long horns during a Buddhist ritual
    • CCC football match on 19th Nov 2005 

      Chinese society in Cambridge; Xiaoxiao, Yan (2005-11-26)
      The 1:13 hours film is a football match between a team in a Chinese society in Cambridge named CCC and MBA team. Taken at noon of 19th Nov 2005, at Ley School Pitch. A football match or a football training is a weekly ...
    • Ceramic production in a village of Yixing county 

      Macfarlane, Alan; Gowlland, Geoffrey (2005-08-30)
      Ceramics production in a village of Yixing county.
    • Changing concepts of time caused by clocks 

      Dugan, David (2004-08-18)
      Standing beside a machine for clocking in workers, Simon Schaffer discusses the rise of factory or industrial time. People are now paid by their time, rather than the task. The clock becomes a symbol of factory society and ...
    • China and industrialization 

      Macfarlane, Alan; Cullen, Christopher (2004-07-29)
      China was far in advance of the West in its technology and science by 1400. Yet the industrial revolution happened in the west. Christopher Cullen talks about some of the possible reasons for this puzzling fact.