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    • Films by Zhou Bing and on CCTV in China 

      Bing, Zhou (2009-07-03)
      A series of films by Zhou Bing and his associates and made for CCTV in China over the last few years. The credits on the films give details.
    • Playing the Qin instrument 

      Rushan (2009-06-30)
      A short recital by the Qin player, Rushan, in Beijing in October 2007
    • Film on San Jie Cao 

      Liang, Bibo (2009-02-26)
      Film 'San Jie Cao - Home-coming of a grand-daughter' made by LIANG Bibo, a Chinese documentary film-maker, about an arranged marriage near Lugu Lake in South West China.
    • The Buddhist Nun of Emei Mountain 

      Liang, Bibo (2009-02-23)
      A film by LIANG Bibo about a Buddhist nunnery in southwest China, the Fuhu temple. Liang works for Chengdu television