About this collection

This contains published papers and preprints in accordance with the publishers' policies. We note the following categories (SHERPA-ROMEO and HARNAD):

ROMEO yellow; HARNAD paleGreen
Authors may archive pre-refereed material but not final documents
ROMEO blue; HARNAD brightGreen
Authors may archive post-publication documents
ROMEO green, HARNAD brightGreen
Authors may archive both of the above

We have examples of all the first two.

ROMEO white, HARNAD grey
Authors may not archive anything. A typical gray publisher is the American Chemical Society (see quote in 1810/741).

We have no examples of these.

The policy and practice of Open Access is changing rapidly during 2004 and although we will hope to update this space we cannot guarantee it. We have not knowingly offended against the details of publishers' copyrights and agreements - please contact us if you think there is a problem.

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