Archaeological Observations on Cable Laying at Church Walk, Cambridge

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Dickens, Alison 

A watching brief was maintained during digging work to lay cable ducting between the two branches of Marks and Spencers in Cambridge City centre. Part of the route ran along Church Walk, immediately adjacent to the graveyard of the 12th century Holy Trinity Church. The entire route was hand dug. It was immediately apparent that numerous other services had been laid along the line of Church Walk over many years, most notably a deep gas main on the northern side. Not unsurprisingly, then, no in situ archaeology was observed, however a small number of unarticulated human bone fragments were recovered in the backfill of the gas main trench. In the vicinity of the arch at the western end of Church Walk four substantial pieces of stone masonry were recovered with a possible clunch footing visible at the base of the trench.

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