Parity violation in the scalar trispectrum: no-go theorems and yes-go examples

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Cabass, G 
Jazayeri, S 
Pajer, E 
Stefanyszyn, D 

jats:titleAjats:scbstract</jats:sc> </jats:title>jats:pWe derive a set of no-go theorems and yes-go examples for the parity-odd primordial trispectrum of curvature perturbations. We work at tree-level in the decoupling limit of the Effective Field Theory of Inflation and assume scale invariance and a Bunch-Davies vacuum. We show that the parity-odd scalar trispectrum vanishes in the presence of any number of scalar fields with arbitrary mass and any parity-odd scalar correlator vanishes in the presence of any number of spinning fields with massless de Sitter mode functions, in agreement with the findings of Liu, Tong, Wang and Xianyu [1]. The same is true for correlators with an odd number of conformally-coupled external fields. We derive these results using both the (boostless) cosmological bootstrap, in particular the Cosmological Optical Theorem, and explicit perturbative calculations. We then discuss a series of yes-go examples by relaxing the above assumptions one at the time. In particular, we provide explicit results for the parity-odd trispectrum for (i) violations of scale invariance in single-clock inflation, (ii) the modified dispersion relation of the ghost condensate (non-Bunch-Davies vacuum), and (iii) interactions with massive spinning fields. Our results establish the parity-odd trispectrum as an exceptionally sensitive probe of new physics beyond vanilla inflation.</jats:p>

Early Universe Particle Physics, Effective Field Theories, Space-Time Symmetries
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Journal of High Energy Physics
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