An Archaeological Evaluation at Land East of Tanholt Farm, Eye Quarry, Peterborough

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Williams, Stephen 

An archaeological evaluation was undertaken on behalf of CEMEX-RMC Materials (Eastern) Limited at Tanholt Farm, Eye Quarry, Eye, Peterborough. This work carried on from previous phases of excavation. Twenty-four trenches were excavated, twenty-two of which contained archaeology. Five phases of activity were encountered throughout the excavated trenches, a Late Neolithic pit, Late Bronze Age pits/watering holes and field systems, two Romano-British field systems with associated settlement activity and a Post-Medieval droveway. Prehistoric features, pits and watering-holes were concentrated towards the northern half of the site with a heavier concentration of this activity to the east and close to previous phases of work, while the Romano-British field systems covered most of the area under investigation.

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