Research data supporting "An Experimental Investigation into the Dimensional Quality of the Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing Process" (A.3)

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The full review table (.pdf) for examining the variety of ME AM machines, materials, slicers, artefacts, and sample sizes that have been used in deposited strand studies.

29 studies were critically analysed to examine what techniques had been used to characterise single and multiple strand morphologies and dimensional accuracies.

the arrows (↑↓) indicate the direction of change of the independent variable. For example, “nozzle gap height ↑” indicates an increase in nozzle gap height improves strand accuracy.

The table shows how the independent variables (printing parameters) influence the dependent variables (dimensional quality aspects).

The magnitude of the relationship between the independent and dependent variables is indicated using a plus (+) sign. A single plus (+) sign illustrates that an altered independent variable has a moderate influence in the dependent variable. Whereas a double plus sign (++) illustrates that an altered independent variable has large influence in the dependent variable

Software / Usage instructions
Microsoft Office Excel was used to generate the table and record the data. The table was exported and formatted in Microsoft Office Word where it was then exported as a .pdf file.
Dimensional accuracy, Filament behaviour, Fused deposition modelling, Material extrusion additive manufacturing, Printing parameters, Review
EPSRC (2116632)